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McLaren 12C Officially Discontinued

There has been lots of rumours on the internet about the cease in production of the McLaren 12C. Yesterday it was officially announced that the model will be entirely phased out.

McLaren 12C Officially Discontinued

This news follows around a month after the release of the similar positioned 650S. McLaren have made things clear that they would like to focus on its recent products, the 650S Coupe and Spider, which are actually great replacements for the 12C.

The news was released by a letter that was sent to all McLaren 12C owners. The letter advised owners that the range was being discontinued, and also made them aware of a technology upgrade package available for the 12C starting in June.  This technology upgrade will enable Active Aero Software for the car to control air braking, and also a Drag Reduction System (DRS), which is a nice bonus!

A statement from McLaren informs us that they have had a great uptake for the 650S in both the Coupe and Spider models and this will keep them busy for the next 6 months.

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