Silverstone F1 Testing 2014 PH 25

Mercedes vs Red Bull Racing = Engine vs Aero

The start of the 2017 F1 season is finally just a month away and the immediate events to look forward to are the car launches and pre-season testing. Will Red Bull Racing’s superior aerodynamics offer a stiff challenge to Mercedes’ engine power? Whatever happened to Enzo Ferrari’s quote – aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines! In his team’s case, they need a boost in both departments.

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen, already in his third team in three seasons, was caught between a war of words between his former team, Renault, and current team, Haas. Strange that despite having driven a single lap in his Haas, Magnussen feels at ‘home’. Let’s see how long this feeling stays in the new season. By the way, we also discuss various retirement options for Jolyon Palmer.

McLaren’s search for a title sponsor keeps getting desperate as their new target is to sign one by 2018. No wonder their sponsor-friendly headlines are at an all time high. For Fernando Alonso’s sake, let’s hope that Honda’s dropping of the ‘size zero’ approach finally delivers results for the team.

Constructors’ Champion

Finally, Valtteri Bottas’ appointment at Nico Rosberg’s replacement at Mercedes – the reigning Constructors’ Champion made the most of the positive chatter around their second driver. But they do need lessons on how to maintain suspense. And before we forget, welcome back Felipe Massa – a driver who has no World Championship to his name, but might have three farewells! Tune in!

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