Mercedes EQXX Concept EV Electric Car

Mercedes’s EQXX Goes 750 Miles On A Charge

One of the most common sticking points with electric vehicles has been their endurance. While there are a growing number of EVs that could easily muster 300+ (or even 400+) miles on a single charge, a lot of folks still think that it’s not enough. This is compounded by the fact that charging an EV is often a hit or miss. So, needing to spend as little time as possible charging them would certainly be ideal.

At the forefront of solving this challenge has been none other than Mercedes. Not too long ago, they unveiled the EQXX concept car. Its main goal has been to see just how far EV range could truly go. As of late, the results have been nothing short of astonishing. It set a world record a while back, after a lengthy 620+ mile round trip on a single charge. A record of which, the EQXX had beaten itself.

Electric Range For Literal Days

Recently, Mercedes and its EQXX completed another trip, but this time, going further than before. It’s managed a whopping 1,200+ kilometre trip without needing to recharge once along the way. Or, just under 750 miles, which is a mighty achievement. This was recorded during a commute from its home base in Stuttgart. And, crossing the chequered flag across the English Channel, and onto Silverstone.

This is despite the fact that some of the autobahns were closed, forcing it to take a more roundabout detour. Clever engineering and design played a key role in how it’s been able to accomplish this. That same EQXX is highly aerodynamic and features an extremely efficient all-electric drivetrain. Plus, the battery thermal management system surely helped, too. So, just how far can it keep on going?

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