Michelin Partner With Alpine For The Upcoming A290

Alpine and Michelin have announced their partnership to supply tyres for future electric Alpine models, beginning with the A290. The A290 will feature exclusive markings created for the future electric models of the Alpine Dream Garage and this will ensure original performance will remain at each replacement of the tyres in the car’s lifespan.

A Long Standing Partnership

Michelin has been developing tires for the Alpine A110 for over a decade, but the partnership between the two French brands dates back to the 1960s when Michelin supplied Alpine’s Formula 3 cars with radial tyres, which revolutionised the tyre industry as they provided a smoother ride due to lower friction with the road surface. Since then Michelin has made tyres for Alpine’s Le Mans cars, which introduced the motorsport world to slick tyres.

Years Of Development

Research, testing and development began two years ago with a blank canvas. Since then, the two brands have collaborated on the tyres to get the right balance of comfort, handling and durability. Many of the trials took place at Michelin’s facility in Ladoux, France. These included tests in a wide range of conditions, such as a wet surface with standing water. The next test will take place in Southern Spain, after which the tyres will be finalised before the reveal of the A290 to the public next year.

The Range Of Tyres On Offer

The collaboration has seen three specific 19-inch tyres created for the electric city car. The two summer tyres have different purposes; with the Pilot Sport S5 offering the best performance of the summer tyres and exploiting the A290’s full potential in wet and dry conditions. The Pilot Sport EV instead prioritises efficiency and durability whilst still offering a sporty edge to the driving experience. The sole winter tyre, the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5, offers high levels of grip to deal with cold weather road conditions, such as rain and snow.

The Specifications

Michelin and Alpine eventually decided on 225-40-R19 as the tyre size. This means they have a tread width of 225mm and a sidewall height of 45mm as well as a 19-inch interior diameter. These have been chosen to offer a mix of performance and comfort.

Ready For The Big Reveal

With the exclusive tyres almost ready, finally Alpine are gearing up to reveal the production-ready A290. It is due to go into production in 2025, with the public reveal coming sometime next year. Considering the effort that has gone into the tyres, an often overlooked feature, it may well bring a new level of excitement to the electric city car segment.

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