Nova Motorsport RallyX Championship

Nova Motorsport: The New And Exclusive Face of Rallycross Tyres

Revving Up for a High-Octane Partnership

In an exciting turn of events for motorsport enthusiasts across the UK and Europe, Nova Motorsport has announced its arrival on the rallycross scene with a bang.

This new tyre brand isn’t just any newcomer; it’s taking over the reins from the renowned Avon Motorsport as the official tyre supplier for the RallyX Championship. With the 2024 season set to kick off in Sweden this May, the buzz is real, and expectations are high.

Nova Motorsport’s commitment isn’t just for a season or two. They’ve locked in a five-year partnership that sees them not only supplying tyres but also promising to uphold the legacy of Avon Motorsport’s unmatched performance and quality. It’s a tall order, but with key staff from Avon now on board, the future looks bright and grippy.

A Tyre for All Tracks

Nova Motorsport RallyX Championship

Nova Motorsport’s pledge to continue the legacy of the ACB11 rallycross tyre—a name synonymous with success in the mud and gravel—speaks volumes about its dedication. But they’re not stopping there. The brand is all geared up for innovation, promising to develop new products that will keep the competition on their toes and drivers at the edge of their seats.

At the helm of this ambitious project are some familiar faces from the motorsport tyre world. James Weekley and Paul Coates bring their extensive experience from Avon Tyres Motorsport and Cooper Tire to the table, ensuring a smooth transition and a future filled with high-performance tyres.

Fueling Future Champions

The RallyX Championship, with its six thrilling categories, presents the perfect proving ground for Nova Motorsport’s tyres. From the powerhouse 600-horsepower 4WD monsters to the agile and speedy junior classes, every tyre needs to deliver. Nova Motorsport’s expertise in the ultra-demanding world of motorsport tyres means they’re ready to meet these diverse needs head-on.

Matthew Vincent, stepping in as Senior Product Category Manager, is no stranger to the rallycross world. His past involvement in tyre development, especially with the ACB11, ensures that Nova Motorsport’s offerings will continue to be the top choice for competitors seeking that winning edge.

Nova Motorsport RallyX Championship

The Road Ahead

This partnership is more than just a supplier agreement; it’s a commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of rallycross. As Nova Motorsport takes its first steps into the global motorsport arena, its focus on specialist tyre sectors and commitment to R&D promises a future where its tyres are the ones to beat.

With further announcements on the horizon, the motorsport community is on the edge of its seats, waiting to see what Nova Motorsport rolls out next. The collaboration with RallyX is just the beginning, and the impact of this partnership will surely be felt on rallycross tracks around Europe and beyond.

As Nova Motorsport gears up for its debut season, the anticipation is palpable. This new player in the tyre game is ready to burn rubber and carve its name into the rallycross legacy. Hold tight, because the race is on, and it’s bound to be a thrilling ride.

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