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Picture Perfect: Micra’s Styling Drawn From Memory

Bear with me, as this is something a little different, but I found it rather interesting. Stephen Wiltshire, heard of him? Avid watchers of Top Gear may remember him from the episode where the trio tried to make cars art by taking over the MIMA gallery. Stephen has a wonderful talent in which he is able to draw things, very vividly, just from memory.

Remembered in 60 Seconds

Nissan decided to put the talented Brit to the test by asking him to observe the new Nissan Micra in just 60 seconds before he was given the task of drawing it. From memory. A pretty tall order I’m sure you’ll agree, especially as a minute is not a long time. Not unless you are doing a plank or waiting for something in the microwave.

Micra Drawn fro Memory Stephen Wiltshire

Micra Drawn From Memory

Now if this wasn’t already difficult enough, Stephen was not able to use his traditional method of pencil and paper. Instead, he used very innovative technology in the form of a VR headset and an app called Tilt Brush by Google to draw the virtual car in 3D. The result of his work is truly astounding, so astounding I can’t even put it in to words, no matter how hard I try. So I’ll suppose you’ll have to watch the YouTube video and see it for yourself.

Stephen commented: “I like the Micra. It’s very futuristic and I love the orange colour. I like the shape and I like the lights and the strong line down the side. It’s a very clean design.”

Micra Drawn From Memory

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Vice President of Marketing, Nissan Europe, commented: “The all-new Micra is a true expression of our Innovation That Excites brand promise and we really want to emphasise that.”

He added: “We believe the new Micra’s design is very memorable, and challenging Stephen to draw the car – and doing so using the innovative Tilt Brush app by Google – is a great way to communicate that.”

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