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MSO shows Carbon Fibre McLaren P1 and 675LT Spider

The Carbon Fibre McLaren P1 co-stars with the just-confirmed McLaren 650s GT3 and the yet to be announced McLaren’s new member.

Geneva Motor Show Debut

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) created the full carbon fibre version of the P1, even though the company stopped producing it. MSO wanted to pay a tribute to the one of the fastest McLaren cars ever made. The Carbon Fibre McLaren P1 makes its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show, along with the custom version of the fastest car that McLaren ever made to be on the streets, the 675LT Spider, which will be shown for everyone to see for the first time ever. That is the largest McLaren presence until now, showing this British car’s brand growth during the years.

Carbon Fibre McLaren P1

McLaren produced a total of 375 P1 models, and is still sending a message to its owners that custom versions can be made by the company. The quality of the MSO craftsmen is quite plain. The carbon fibre body parts of the P1 by MSO comes with ‘Lio Blue’ tinted polish, marking the first full visual body adaptation that will be shown to the public in Switzerland. The guys at MSO put in a gloss black finish to the wheels and completed a large remodelling to the interior with Black Alcantara contrasting nicely with the blue stitching. There is also a 24-carat-gold exhaust heat shield honouring the unique Carbon Fibre McLaren P1. There are carbon fibre visuals everywhere. You can find it in the skirts, air intakes, on the aerodynamic body shape, the air brake tails, and more.

McLaren P1 by MSOThe 675LT Spider

Only 500 models of the 675LT Spider will be produced. There will be a track-honed Ceramic Grey track version with more carbon fibre than the standard version, which will be the only one ever made. The carbon fibre retractable hardtop can be opened at speeds up to 25mph and is also 2lb lighter. There are carbon fibre louvres in the front wings as well. The performance of the 675LT Spider by MSO still remains the same; a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 675hp and 700Nm of torque. The super sports car goes from 0-60 in merely 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 120mph in 8.1 seconds, while hitting the top speed at 204mph makes it one of the fastest cars ever made.

675LT Spider by MSO


McLaren P1 by MSOMcLaren P1 by MSO

McLaren P1 by MSO

McLaren P1 by MSO

McLaren P1 by MSO

675LT Spider by MSO


675LT Spider by MSO675LT Spider by MSO675LT Spider by MSO

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