Navitel R9 Dual Dual DashCam Review

The Navitel R9 Dual Dash Cam is a robust choice for motorists prioritising security and comprehensive coverage both front and back. Sporting a sleek black exterior, this compact device is designed to be unobtrusive yet sturdy with both cameras being reasonably sized. The included advanced suction cup mount for the front camera provides an excellent fit to the vehicle’s windscreen, ensuring the dash cam remains well-fixed even on rough roads and under strong heat from the sun. The ease of installation is a definite plus, making it user-friendly for all types of drivers.

Video and Image Quality

Equipped with a Full HD front camera and an HD rear camera, the Navitel R9 ensures that all footage is captured with high clarity. The front camera’s 170° wide-angle lens offers expansive coverage of the road, reducing blind spots significantly. Additionally, the night vision capability, powered by a SONY 307 sensor, allows for clear recording under low light conditions, a critical feature for 24/7 protection.

Features and Functionality

One of the standout features of the Navitel R9 is its built-in GPS, which not only tracks your route but also integrates with the Navitel Navigator software providing real-time data on road restrictions and speed limits. The dash cam’s G-sensor can be trusted for detecting impacts, automatically saving and locking the footage to prevent overwriting (it is not overly sensitive too which is good). This could be crucial in the event of an accident, ensuring that the driver has access to unaltered evidence.

The inclusion of WiFi connectivity simplifies the process of downloading and sharing videos directly from the dash cam to a smartphone or computer. This connectivity, via the Navitel DVR Center app, means the user interaction with the device is simple, allowing for seamless settings adjustments and software updates.

Practicality and Additional Features

With its modest size, the Navitel R9 does not obstruct the driver’s view, which is often a concern with dash cams. How it fits to the windscreen is a lot better than most and keeps the footprint small. The device supports microSD cards up to 64 GB, offering ample storage for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road (note the SD card is not included). Furthermore, the USB-C power connector is a great touch. Not all dash cams have made this move yet.

Pricing and Value for Money

Priced at £120.00, the Navitel R9 is competitively positioned in the market. The flexible credit options and the potential to buy now and pay later via Debenhams add an extra layer of accessibility for consumers. Considering its range of features and the inclusion of a two-year guarantee, the Navitel R9 represents good value for money, especially for those seeking a reliable dash cam that covers both front and rear views without breaking the bank.


Overall, the Navitel R9 Dual Dash Cam is a comprehensive choice that balances cost, features, and performance. It is particularly suitable for drivers looking for a dependable device that enhances their driving safety and provides legal peace of mind in the event of road incidents. The combination of high-quality video, user-friendly features, and solid construction makes it a worthy investment for most use cases.

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