Peugeot 308R 3 1600x920

Peugeot 308R coming within a year

Hottest of hatches…

You can’t deny it, hot hatches are cool and the prospect of Peugeot’s 308R certainly has caught out interest! Details emerged at this years Frankfurt motorshow but we have now heard that we can expect the little beauty within twelve months. The little pocket rocket will be an extra hot version of the 308 producing around 270bhp! It is believed that the 1.6 turbo engine will be lifted from the RCZ-R and will sit above it’s GTI sibling.

Peugeot 308R (6)_1600x920 Peugeot 308R (5)_1600x920

The new 308R will feature a torsen limited slip-diff and a six speed manual box. All this performance will throw the plucky little 308 into the region of the new Civic Type-R, Astra VXR and the Megane Renaultsport. Performance figures will slowly start to emerge but for now, with it’s stunning looks and crazy paintwork, it gives the boy-racer in all of us something to look forward to!


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