Frankfurt IAA 2015 Pugeot 308 R1

Peugeot 308 R – 0-60 mph In 4.0 Seconds

Getting right to the point, Peugeot have just released a 308 with 493 bhp and a four-wheel drive system; 493 bhp in a hatchback, that is just insane!

The car was developed by Peugeot Sport and is capable of hitting 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds. The design is a combination of the existing 308 styling but beefed up a bit, with elements taken from the Quartz concept.

Frankfurt IAA 2015 - Pugeot 308 R4

What has Been Improved?

Changes include the front and rear tracks, which have been widened by 80 mm, the bonnet has curvy louvres and the grill has been expanded to allow extra cooling air to the engine. All that power will come from a 1.6 litre petrol engine and two electric motors, one on each axle. Using all 3 power sources at the same time will create 493 bhp.

Frankfurt IAA 2015 - Pugeot 308 R6

Sadly though, as you might have guessed, the 308 R Hybrid is currently just a concept model that was displayed at the Shanghai Motor Show in China. I absolutely love the look of this car, is it just me that wants this car to come to fruition?

Frankfurt IAA 2015 - Pugeot 308 R3

The director of Peugeot Sport, Bruno Famin, says “the 308 R Hybrid shows the potential for ultra-sport models in the future”. Although we may not be seeing the 308 R Hybrid any time soon, don’t forget that Peugeot have only just recently released their fastest production road car yet; the RCZ R, which Motor Verso have previously reviewed.

Frankfurt IAA 2015 - Pugeot 308 R2

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