Suzuki Swift Sport 2018 Review

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Review

We got the opportunity to try out the brand new Suzuki Swift Sport on both road and racetrack. Find out what we thought of this exciting new model below:

What is the Suzuki Swift Sport all About?

The Suzuki was refreshed in 2017 with the launch of the new generation car, featuring a raft of improvements. The Swift Sport was unveiled in September 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show amid great anticipation.

The UK is an important market for Suzuki and the Swift Sport is likely to be a bestseller here. The car has been specifically tested in Britain and the suspension has gone through over 100 tests to find the perfect balance.

Suzuki Swift Sport 46

The vehicle’s new sporty styling is very different from the older model. The Swift is now instantly recognisable as a sport variant. You will notice that the car has a nice set of 17-inch alloy wheels, a tall roof spoiler and carbon fibre trim all around the bottom creating a skirt. At the rear, there is one exhaust either side of the bumper. Overall, it creates a very menacing look. If this isn’t exciting enough for you, you can spice it up with decals straight from the dealer.

Suzuki Swift Sport 17

The power plant in the new model is the Booster Jet 1.4 Turbo engine that creates 140PS and 230 Nm of torque. That power travels to the front wheels using a 6-speed manual gearbox (no automatic is offered). This means that the Suzuki Swift Sport will accelerate from 0-60mph in 8.1 seconds with a top speed of 130mph. The car’s economy figures clock in at a combined 50.4mpg with 122g/km of C02.

Suzuki Swift Sport 24

How Does it Drive?

To a passenger, the seats look sporty and the steering wheel and pedals feel naturally positioned.

Suzuki Swift Sport 60

You start the car with a push-button ignition, but I was shocked that at idle there is no sporty exhaust sound.

Suzuki Swift Sport 9

Putting it into gear and hitting open country roads is what the Suzuki Swift Sport is all about. It is a warm hatch, but on the right roads, you will have all the power you need. The car is very lightweight at just 975kg, which makes it fast and nimble.

Suzuki Swift Sport 68

The 1.4-litre engine works really well, it feels responsive and likes to be revved up to the max. Because the vehicle is so light, it pulls it along nicely, whilst making the car a joy to drive.

Suzuki Swift Sport 34

When it reaches the corners, the Suzuki Swift Sport feels alive. It has a variable ratio steering rack, meaning that the more you steer, the faster the car will turn into the corner. This removes the need for multiple revolutions and gives the steering a rallying feel.

Suzuki Swift Sport 32

When driving on the road, the suspension feels sporty, and you can tell it has been designed for the UK. Whether going flat out or taking it easy, the suspension always felt suited to my driving style.

I was lucky enough to be able to test the car on the racetrack and push it to its limits. As you can guess, the car drives like a dream on the track. It has enough power to let you enjoy yourself but not enough to get you into serious trouble.

Suzuki Swift Sport 98

When you push the Suzuki Sport Swift past its grip limits on the ContiSportContact tyres, you get a predictable and controllable understeer. This is a sign you have pushed the car too far, but in most cases, you won’t end up in the dust. Lap after lap, the brakes held up pretty well and these new test models didn’t show any signs of early fading.

Suzuki Swift Sport 78

This lighter, stiffer model, courtesy of its new HEARTECT platform, tackles corners with agility and ease. The third-generation Swift Sport is a fun, playful and dynamic supermini.

This is an affordable car, and the gear ratios are well planned out for a sporty model. My one constructive criticism is that the gear shift could be a little more direct, but this drawback is reflected in the price.

Suzuki Swift Sport 74


The Suzuki Swift Sport features a lot of technology. For an affordable, everyday drive, I found this really impressive. The newest model includes:

  • Electronic Stability Programme
  • Advanced Forward Detection System
  • Dual Sensor Brake Support – (Autonomous Emergency Braking)
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • High Beam Assist

What’s it Like Inside?

Open the door and you will be greeted by a pair of highly desirable Sports seats that don’t only look the part, but will support your body whilst driving. They are made from cloth with bright red stitching, as you would expect. In the middle of the seat, the Sport emblem completes the look.

Suzuki Swift Sport 59

Once in the seat and with your hands on the wheel, you will notice the perforated leather covering with bright red stitching, to fit in with the rest of the car.

Suzuki Swift Sport 58

The Sport version is fully equipped with Smartphone Linkage Display Audio via its large touchscreen, plus three-dimensional navigation maps, mirror link, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The infotainment system is very useable once fully booted up.

Suzuki Swift Sport 33

Honestly, what’s not to like when it comes to the interior? It’s logically laid out, simple and easy to use. There’s plenty of room for passengers, both front and back, and the boot is significantly larger than in the previous generation. Simplicity, logic and practicality are all winning features that will attract more buyers.

The Experience

This is the sportiest and most credible Suzuki Swift Sport we have seen yet. The 1.4-litre engine delivers the necessary punch and it is blessed with a lightweight body providing that nimble and playful driving experience that people demand from a car of this nature. On a curvy road doing between 30-60mph, you will be in Heaven in the Swift Sport. I think you will keep up with much faster and more expensive cars when cornering.

Suzuki Swift Sport 48


Hands down, the Suzuki Swift Sport delivers on looks, features and driveability. Suzuki have created a simple way of selling the car in the UK – one Sport version with everything included at one price (£17,999). This way there are no surprises, you know what you are getting and you won’t be disappointed.

Suzuki Swift Sport Track Test


2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs
  • Price: £17,999
  • Engine: 1.4-litre  Turbo Petrol
  • Power: 140 PS
  • Torque: 230 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual
  • 0-62mph: 8.1 Seconds
  • Top speed: 130 mph
  • Weight: 975 kg
  • Economy combined: 50.4 mpg
  • CO2: 125 g/km