Red Bull Gives You… A Renault?

This week Renault Sport have released the Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB8 Edition. The release happens five months after Red Bull racing won the F1 constructors title. Renault Sport have released this victory car to celebrate their success.

So a Red Bull engineered car… Are we all expecting KERS, DRS, carbon fibre and ultra fast refuelling times?. Lets not kid ourselves as it is a road car! The RB8 is still a 2.0-litre turbocharged four pot lump delivering 261bhp through the front wheels via a limited slip diff with a manual transmission. You would have expected a flappy paddle gearbox on this car perhaps, but if it drives anything like the original Megane RS you wont be disappointed.


Flat out the Megane will hit 158mph and get to 62mph in 6 seconds dead. The Megane RS is at the top end of the scorching hot hatch market. Even with its great performance the RB8 is also kitted out with stop/start technology to save you a few pennies.

Only 30 of these unique cars will meet the shores of the UK starting from late September this year. There’s no word yet on what the price premium over the Megane 265 Cup will be – which currently is £25,255.

For your money you will get part leather Recaro seats, lots of Red Bull branding, RenaultSport R-Link media system, TomTom sat nav and on top you will get an RS Monitor which gives you GPS based race telemetry. The RS monitor will give you your G-force information, engine performance and lap times, which you can download to a USB device and assess on your laptop if you choose. This will help you feel a little more like a racing driver but you will have the benefit of no ‘multi 21′ team orders whilst pushing the limits of the RB8 around the track.

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