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A good system cleaner can help your car run further and keep your engine in prime condition. That’s why we’re excited to try out the Redex System Cleaner. We received 3 months’ worth of Redex to test out, which we’ll be using on a 2.2 litre Diesel Range Rover Evoque.

Redex System Cleaner

Redex System Cleaner – How Does it Work?

Just as you wouldn’t leave your car interior or bodywork dirty for months on end, you shouldn’t take liberties with your engine. Fuel economy can be reduced by the deposits which build up on your fuel injectors during combustion. This is a result of the varying fuel qualities available in the UK and the amount of additives they contain. The resulting build-up means that you’ll be paying more for fuel, as your injectors won’t be working as efficiently as they should.

Redex System Cleaner eradicates this deposit build-up. Regular use will keep the injectors in their best working condition, and save you money when driving.

We’ll be adding Redex to our Evoque every time we buy fuel for 3 months, and posting updates about how it’s working throughout.

The Benefits of a System Clean

Redex offers a premium brand solution to improve fuel economy. The cleaner, available for both petrol and diesel cars, promises to keep both your fuel consumption and emissions low. This means the product is not only great for your car, but great for the environment too.

The benefits extend beyond saving you money on fuel, though. This reduction of harmful emissions could mean your vehicle is a step closer to passing its MOT, meaning even less money spent on repairs to make it roadworthy.

Redex System Cleaner will improve engine life and restore the best possible performance to your vehicle. It means cars can drive further on their fuel, and give you a healthy car on the inside. Better yet, Redex is the number 1 market leader in UK fuel additives.

Redex System Cleaner

A Range of Easy-To-Use Products

Redex doesn’t stop at petrol and diesel cars. The system cleaner is also available for hybrid vehicles, which burn similarly to petrol engines in terms of injector build-up. Additionally, Redex offer a range of other products, from Adblue, which helps reduce diesel car emissions by up to 80%, to Lead Replacement. The latter means you can use unleaded petrol in leaded cars, especially classic vehicles, so the engine receives the additives it needs. Using unleaded petrol in a leaded engine can inevitably lead to major problems – Redex eliminates that threat.

Redex System Cleaner is really simple to use. Just add 90ml of the cleaner to your fuel tank every time you refill the tank. If you haven’t used any fuel additives in a while, it’s a good idea to first add a double dose (180ml). This will clean the engine thoroughly before regular use.

Redex System Cleaner - adding

We’re excited to see the results of Redex System Cleaner on our Evoque. Remember to check back for our updates and review!

Updated 2

For the past month I have been testing Redex System Cleaner in a 2.2 litre Diesel Range Rover Evoque and I have been carefully monitoring the results and the benefits I have experienced from the product.

What Problem Does It Solve?

Redex is known to be good for maintaining your engine and removing deposits from fuel injectors. Fuel economy can be reduced by the deposits which build up on your fuel injectors during combustion, Redex System Cleaner eradicates this deposit build-up.

How Redex Helps

You add the Redex System Cleaner in to your fuel tank to mix with the petrol or diesel. The cleaner promises to keep both your fuel consumption and emissions low. This is achieved by removing the deposits as the fuel and Redex mix passes through the injectors.

Range Rover Redex Test

Used regularly Redex System Cleaner can improve engine life and restore the best possible performance to your vehicle. It could mean cars can drive further on their fuel, and give a healthier car on the inside.

Does Redex Work?

So, I am testing the Redex on a car that is 4 years old. I am guessing that there isn’t a huge amount of deposit build up on the injectors from the 30,000 miles it has done during its time on the road. But after using the first shot bottle of Redex and completing the first 400 miles until the tank was empty, I felt good knowing that I was taking care of the inside of the engine and removing any deposits that may be degrading performance.

On the second and third tanks of fuel I did notice slightly increased total mileage per tank, but of course it is very difficult to prove that the Redex System Cleaner was the the factor that influenced the extended range, but it definitely wouldn’t cause a decrease in total range.

Redex - testing for 3 months

I can’t say I have felt any dramatic performance increases in the car at the moment, but in a car of this age we could be talking about a 2% or 3% improvement at best. You are likely to see more noticeable results from the Redex System Cleaner when used on vehicles at least 10 years old or those that have done higher mileage and had more opportunity for the deposit to build up. I’m sure in these cases you would be able to feel a definite difference in a short period of time, for our test it will be a lot more about the prevention rather than the cure.

Diesel Redex Does it work?

Continued Testing – Does Redex Diesel Work

I am going to keep testing the Redex System Cleaner on my Evoque Diesel and see what I learn over prolonged testing. Even if the there are no further gains to be had, in my opinon, it is still good practice to maintain a low level of deposits on the cars injectors and keep the engine running as optimally as possible.

Updated 3

We’ve been testing Redex System Cleaner for two months now. Our 2.2-litre Diesel Range Rover Evoque has been having the Redex treatment, and is a lot better off for it.

The Benefits of a System Clean

Redex System Cleaner helps maintain and improve the condition of your engine, and removes deposits from your fuel injectors. Harmful buildups on the injectors occur during combustion – Redex helps to eradicate this. Simply add 90ml of Redex to your fuel tank every time you top up; or, if you haven’t used a system cleaner in a while, add a double dose.

Used over time, Redex can improve both engine life and vehicle performance. You get better fuel economy, meaning you get more fuel and more miles for your money. As simple a thing as adding a bit of Redex System Cleaner to your fuel tank can save you money and hassle in the long run. The product also claims to help reduce harmful fuel emissions – so by giving your engine a good clean, you’re also helping the environment.

Does Redex Work?

Redex System Cleaner – The Verdict

The car we’ve been testing the product on is 4 years old, with a mileage of just over 30,000. This meant the car probably didn’t have too much buildup on its fuel injectors. However, after just one shot of Redex, the Evoque just felt healthier, and knowing performance wasn’t being degraded over the 400 mile journey put our minds at rest.

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Posted by Motor Verso on Monday, December 4, 2017

We noticed slight increases of mileage per tank after the second and third additions of Redex. This of course can’t be definitively put down to the system cleaner, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Since our car is relatively young, the best we can expect is a 2-3% improvement in performance. For older cars, say 10 years or older, you can experience more drastic improvements as the fuel deposits will have had more of a chance to gather.

That’s not to say it’s a bad idea to use Redex on a younger car. The cleaner can keep the car operating at an optimal level – preventing buildup rather than fixing it.

The Final Say

Overall, we haven’t noticed any extreme changes using Redex over the past few months. However the idea of a system clean is still a good one, though. Redex provides preventative measures for keeping fuel tanks clean and can improve fuel economy over time. We really like the idea of using a cleaner regularly as a way of maintaining the vehicle. After all, we like to keep the bodywork clean and polished – why not the engine too?



  • Leola Moseley Says

    A clean engine is a more efficient engine (and also a more powerful one), so a fuel injector cleaning is an important part of maintaining your car.

  • John Watson Says

    I put redex in my mazda cx5 deisel and it blew the engine

  • Matthew Davey Says

    Hi, I’ve been using Redex Diesel System Cleaner in my 06 Volvo V50 for several years. My car has now done over 194,000 miles and still returns 50mpg, I therefore conclude that Redex must be doing some good as I never have any problems with emissions when having the annual MOT test carried out.

  • Joe Banks Says

    I drive a Mazda 6,2.2,175bho, and use Redex every 4-5 fill-ups, last 2 MOTs passed emissions with advisory due to no emissions..🙂

  • Gary Pearce Says

    I have a diesel van & petrol car, both vehicles are 13 yts old, I always put Redex in both vehicles , well what a difference they no longer seem tired ! & they run so much smoother ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND REDEX 👍

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