Rimac New Campus HQ Headquarters Croatia (10)

Rimac’s New Headquarters Design Revealed

A few days ago, Croatian hypercar-maker/supplier Rimac announced its plans for the future.

Specifically, this involves a brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters, which will be located near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It’s only a couple of miles away from the current company offices in Sveta Nedelja and has been designed by 3LHD, a well-known architectural firm.

3LHD were also the brains behind the Riva Waterfront in Split as well as the Hotel LN Garden, found in Guangzhou, China.

Rimac New Campus HQ Headquarters Croatia (10)

Rimac began one year as one man working in a garage. That man was Mate Rimac and that year was 2009. Since then, it’s grown to become a powerhouse in the electric vehicle market. In 2019, Automotive News Europe estimated the company’s value at €570 million ($627 million).

Currently, Rimac employs about 1,000 people. Taking its recent growth into account along with its aims for the future, the new site will be built to accommodate 2,500 workers along with visitors and family members, if so desired.

It will be split into two different buildings, one for R&D and the other for production.

Unique Features

Rimac New Campus HQ Headquarters Croatia (10)

Spread over 200,000 m2 (or about 50 acres), the concept design boasts many well-thought-out, unique features and characteristics.

Aside from the expected things – offices and workplaces etc – Rimac has also a whole list of things that go above and beyond the call of duty.

These include:

  • A brand new test track.
  • A battery testing and production facility as well as a hypercar production line.
  • Lounges for employees to relax in, along with a games room and gym and training room.
  • A restaurant.
  • For the young ones in the family, there will be a kindergarten.
  • A command centre to read, organise and manage large amounts of business and vehicle data.
  • The production of organic food – on-site – as well as farm animals such as native sheep. Well, why not?

Rimac New Campus HQ Headquarters Croatia (10)

And we are only halfway through…!

There will also be…

  • An urban “swamp”, meadows (for employees and also the public) and a garden on the roof.

  • On-site accommodation in small pods that will blend in with the surrounding woodland.
  • A customisation showroom, meaning that customers can preview their cars at the site and specify exactly what they want.
  • A museum with a merchandise shop and bar.
  • Some top-secret rooms to work on hidden projects and projects for other companies (something Rimac do a lot of, especially with Hyundai-Kia and Porsche).
  • An auditorium, a conference hall and rooms for education.

On top of all that, the new headquarters have been designed in such a way as to make future expansion as easy as possible, blending into the surrounding nature.

Rimac New Campus HQ Headquarters Croatia (10)

Note the “pods” – the proposed on-site accommodation for the HQ’s visitors and new employees.


It seems everyone will be flocking to work for Rimac.

What Will The Buildings Be Used For?

The site will be divided into two distinct areas.

The first of these will be the HQ building. This will contain central functions, management and R&D. It will also have offices for Greyp, a company producing electric bike and also set up by Mate Rimac.

In the second area, you’d find the production plant and testing department. It will also contain the glazed restaurant, subtly built to blend into the surrounding landscape with incredible views on both sides of it. One end will house the kindergarten and retail space. In the other, there’ll be the showroom and the museum.

Rimac New Campus HQ Headquarters Croatia (10)

When Will It Be Ready?

Production should be starting at the end of this year, 2021. The target is completion by 2023. It’s an ambitious target for such a large undertaking and no wonder that it’s budgeted to cost about €200 million.

We wish Mate Rimac and his company all the best in meeting it.

What do you think about Rimac’s soon-to-be-built new headquarters? Let us know down below.

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