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Ring Automotive – MP120 Compact Inverter with USB Socket

At Motor Verso we spend lots of time in cars, often working the on the road. We are super reliant on mobile phones, laptops and camera gear. Of course, phones are easily chargeable in cars, but laptops and camera gear are not.

MP120 Compact Inverter with USB Socket

Now we have our new favourite toy to keep in the glove box. This is a small but powerful power inverter, bringing 240v to the car. The inverter is able to give up to 120 watts, which is perfect for your laptop or camera gear. As an added bonus, Ring have install a USB power port on the side meaning that you can charge your phone at the same time. Clever.

Premium Power

This device will look after your car also. It is able to automatically shutdown if the power supply is less than 10v, meaning that you won’t be able to accidentally run your car battery down. It also has additional technology inside for power overload, high temperate and circuit protection. This is a worry free device to keep in the glove box.

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