Ring Automotive Rechargeable Slim LED Pocket Inspection Lamp RIL86 Review

We love gadgets and innovative car tools. Items which are so clever, you think to yourself “Why haven’t I thought of that?” Well, Ring Automotive’s slim LED inspection lamp is exactly one of those items, and I’m not sure why we haven’t seen anything similar before, because it’s absolutely brilliant for lighting up those difficult to reach engine bay areas.

Compact – 120 grams

Let’s kick things off with the design since we a sucker for cool gadgets. For starters, I love that it’s so compact you can basically carry it around in your back pocket. It doesn’t weight anything, so most of the time you’re not even aware it’s on you. While most mobile phones weigh anywhere between 150 and 220 grams, the RIL86 is practically a featherweight at 120 grams.

Slim LED Pocket Inspection Lamp RIL86 – Features

The actual light section remains hidden until you need to use it, at which point it flips out, almost like a Swiss army knife. The light (or should I say lights) is mounted on a 360-degree swivel which can be rotated in any direction, and it has a 180-degree flex angle. There’s even a magnet at the bottom so you can perfectly position it on metal surfaces such as engine bays and garage workshops meaning you can work hands free.

200 Lumens

Speaking of the actual light itself, the RIL86 comes with three light functions. Click the power button once and you activate its torch, located at the tip, which is capable of producing 50 lumens, click again and you get the main light on its low illumination setting, producing 100 lumens. Click it once more and you’ve suddenly got double the brightness, an excellent 200 lumens.

If 200 lumens doesn’t sound like a lot you have to remember this is concentrated light. It’s directed light that’s focused in one particular spot. It doesn’t have to light up a room or illuminate the entire garage. For reference, consider this: a normal 35W bulb produces roughly 250 lumens, but it has to light up an entire room. The RIL86 has nearly the same output power but you can direct it at anything and in a very small space also.

3-Hour Battery Life

Another highlight of the RIL86 is its battery life. It has a 3-hour battery life on a single charge, and recharging times are just 90 minutes. A USB-C cable is, naturally, included in the package.

If you don’t want to carry it around with you, stick the RIL86 in your glove compartment and take it out whenever you need to use it, that’s the beauty of it. You can even charge it in your car with the provided USB cable, so you never have to take it home.

Perfect For Autmotive Work

Don’t for a minute think this is just a small, practical DIY light for occasional use. Because it’s so compact, I found it works incredibly well when you need light somewhere deep in the bowels of the engine, or when you need to check something underneath the car.

I know I’m singing its praises, but that’s only because I think it’s worth every penny. If you need a reliable light source that also happens to be extremely portable, just get a RIL86.

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