SKODA Fabia R5 Rally Car Makes A Brilliant Debut

Basic Information

ŠKODA’s new rally car is at the forefront of technology. In compliance with current FIA regulations, the ŠKODA Fabia R5 is powered by a 1.6-litre in-line four cylinder turbocharged engine, a considerable change from the two-litre naturally aspirated engine that is used in the Fabia Super 2000. The power is fed through a five-speed sequential gearbox and distributed down all four driveshafts before it meets the wheels. At this point, it is all down to the McPherson strut suspension to handle any grief from the uneven surface while the tyres cling on for dear life. ŠKODA also claim the car is weighing in at a minimum weight requirement of 1,230kg.

ŠKODA Motorsport has invested 15 months of vigorous testing and development work in the car to ensure that all the technologically advanced sensors and components can work in harmony.

Technical Overview


Base car: ŠKODA Fabia 3rd generation
Length: 3,994 mm
Max. width: 1,820 mm
Min. weight: 1,230 kg
Bodyshell: Modified for 4×4 drivetrain
Safety: Roll-cage


Aspiration: Turbocharged 4-cylinder 1 620 cm3 direct injection
Max. power: 205 kW (275bhp)
Max. torque: 420 Nm (310lb-ft)


Driven Wheels: 4×4
Number of gears: 5-speed
Type: manual sequential shifting
Differentials type: mechanical (front and rear)



Type: McPherson front and rear
Brake discs size tarmac: 355 mm / width 32 mm
Brake discs size gravel: 300 mm / width 32 mm

Fuel system:

Fuel tank volume: 82.5 litres
Consumption: 1.4 mpg


Wheel size tarmac: 8‘x18‘ – min. weight 8.9kg
Wheel size gravel: 7‘x15‘ – min. weight 8.6kg


Manufacturer: Michelin

recent wrc2 results

ŠKODA Motorsport team have been performing fantastically this season. Their superb efforts as a team unit have pitched them up top, currently standing 3rd in the WRC2 series.

A snippet of the WRC 2 team standings shows ŠKODA well inside the top ten.



  • John Says

    It is incredible what they can do with a 1.6 litre engine now days.

    • Matthew Tipping Says

      It is! we are already seeing the use of 1.6litre turbo engines in road cars too! Take the Mini Cooper S, Fiesta ST and Renaultsport Clio for example!

      A 1.6litre turbo is something I have always been interested in driving.

  • Landon Barrero Says

    This year, ‘Fast Freddy’ is attempting to make it win number 10, while giving the ŠKODA Fabia R5 its FIA European Rally Championship debut. How confident are you of making it win number 10 in Ypres against such tough competition?

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