BMW M4 Competition Pack Convertible 12

A Special Edition BMW to debut at Goodwood

In addition to the brand new BMW M4 Convertible set to debut at the Goodwood Festival of speed in July 2014, the German brand is said to be bringing a special anniversary edition to the motoring celebrations at Goodwood as well.

Special Edition BMW

While this is all we currently know, it is very likely that we could be presented with a special version of the new BMW M3 or M4. We have no idea at this stage. But whatever it is, expect it to be a crowd pleaser!

As for the M4 convertible on its debut, there is a risk of it losing much of its driving dynamics and handling due to a weight gain of about 300kg, bringing the total figure well above the weight of 1,497kg edge of coupé.

However, expect it to remain identical to the coupé under the hood. As a result, it will feature a six-cylinder engine with twin-turbo revs up to 7,600 rpm, and producing an impressive 431 bhp, and 406 lb-ft of torque.

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