The Lancaster Classic Car Show 2019

The Lancaster Classic Car Show as pretty much cemented itself as a ‘must see’ on the annual car-lovers calendar and 2019’s show proved to be, well a classic. The show itself is celebrating its 35th anniversary and as Britains biggest classic car show, it certainly had a lot to offer!

3000 Pieces of Automotive history

The range of ‘classics’ on show seems to get larger each year with over 300 car and motorcycle clubs coming together to display more than 3000 pieces of automotive history. Show highlights see everything from vintage Aston Martin’s to legendary Lancia’s and a host of other rare and exciting beasts.

I Remember When…

However, it’s not just the top marquees to get excited over. There are cars from years gone by that will have you saying ‘I remember when…’ over and over again. The show is a melting pot of ‘Mark 1’ this and ‘rarest’ that… all of which is perfectly showcased in the ‘Lancaster insurance Pride of Ownership’ event – which aims to celebrate the stories behind these vintage beauties.


Wondering through the show is only part of the fun though. There are also plenty of trade stands and the ‘Autojumble’ that will have you sifting through for that rare part to finish your pride and joy. However, be sure to save some cash for the food and drink as the show, pardon the pun, has you well catered.

Practical Challenge

For the more adventurous, there is the Practical Classics ‘Practical Challenge’ which sees a car being ‘fully’ restored in the duration of the show. Watch as the mechanics toil the way that many of us have over a much loved motor but manage to turn it around in a matter of days – something we can only dream of!

Classic Motorcycle Show

For those that prefer their classics with less wheels than the standard four, the Classic Motorcycle Show is a great place to spend some time. From Choppers to trikes, the range of motorcycles on display is staggering. Particular highlights are some of the pre-war offerings. However, with everything from mopeds to all out race bikes, the show will have you covered whatever your taste.

Meguiar’s Club Showcase

Another ‘not to be missed’ feature is the Meguiar’s Club Showcase – with a beautiful line up the judges will have a hard time picking a ‘best in show’ winner – but all will be revealed on the last day with a live prize giving event.

Overall – Love It

Overall, the 2019 show builds on previous years with even more to keep you entertained and motivated to get tinkering with your own classic car. Or if you don’t have your own, it’s a great opportunity to see the results of other peoples hard work and take all the enjoyment from exploring the countless marvels on display.

Be sure to check out our full gallery from this year’s show below.


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