Aguri RV760 Review

Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV760 Sat Nav Review

The Aguri RV760 is a specialist satnav made for motorhomes, caravans, and campervans, and on the surface, it really does just look like any other dedicated satnav or GPS unit. Nothing special here, at least at first glance. However, it’s after you crack it open and use it, that you realise what makes the Aguri RV760 really special is its software and how it manages the art of navigating you to where you need to go.

See, one of the things that’s quite hard to miss as soon as you drive a motorhome or campervan, or once you’ve hooked up to a caravan, is just how vast the entire thing is. They’re heavy to haul around and have an equally massive footprint on the road. This is especially a problem here in the UK, with our tiny B-roads and narrow town streets to drive past, which aren’t really made to accommodate these huge house-on-wheels.

Aguri RV760 Review

It’s a major challenge for folks who need to tow a caravan or are moving about in a motorhome or campervan, even a relatively smaller one. And, this gets even worse as soon as you head into the countryside, or if you need to navigate a tiny seaside or coastal road. Additionally, you’ll often find that there might be restrictions on the roads themselves, usually limiting the height and width of vehicles allowed down a certain road.

These could include low bridges, narrow roads, tight junctions, and so on. In a lot of cases, this means you can’t really drive a motorhome, campervan, or caravan through, at least without getting yourself in serious trouble. Or, without needing to back all the way up and re-routing yourself through another, unrestricted road. This is where the appeal of specialty satnav systems, like the Aguri RV760, comes in.

Aguri RV760 Review

Made For Caravans, Campervans, And Motorhomes

Using the Aguri RV760, which is made for motorhomes, campervans, and caravanners in mind, you can use it to input the dimensions and specifications of your specific campervan, caravan, or motorhome. During my testing, my focus has been to get it to work perfectly with a Chausson 640. Using it, I was able to type in the height (2.9 metres), length (6.99 metres), and width (2.35 metres) of the entire campervan.

The Aguri RV760 even let me include other little details, such as its kerb weight (3.03 tonnes). Better yet, it’ll let you save multiple vehicles in the satnav system, if you need to, and being able to swap between say, a caravan and a motorhome, jotting down the dimensions and specs of each one. However, if and when you’re just driving around with your car, it has a car-only mode too, where it functions like a regular satnav; no restrictions apply.

Aguri RV760 Review

Another useful thing I’ve found was being able to configure and edit the dimensions of each caravan, motorhome, or campervan either way. As such, on those days when I’m feeling a tad paranoid or overly cautious, I can add a bit of additional buffer – say, by a few centimetres length, width, and height-wise – on the satnav. And hey, I can think of use cases besides this, such as for folks who drive heavy-duty lorries or American-sized pickup trucks too.

Now, once it has the dimensions of your campervan, caravan, or motorhome, you can set where you’re heading to, and the Aguri RV760 satnav unit will duly chart a route that’ll work with the size restrictions of your vehicle. In other words, it’ll avoid routing you to those roads where it knows that height and width restrictions are in place, and it knows that you can’t go down (and fit in) those roads with your campervan, caravan, or motorhome.

Aguri RV760 Review

It’s More Than Just A Regular Satnav System

Of course, the Aguri RV760 functions similarly to other satnav systems out there. For example, it’ll give you a few alternative routes to pick from, and before you confirm the destination and route to take, the Aguri RV760 will provide a quick summary of the journey ahead. This includes your start point, destination, total distance, the ETA, how long the drive will take, and other settings you might’ve configured, like wanting to avoid tolls, and so on.

Plus, the Aguri RV760 features full UK and European mapping data, too – I’d recommend checking their site to see which countries have coverage. In addition, each Aguri RV760 is preloaded with over 30,000 campsites as well as motorhome stopovers, which ought to be handy for planning out your road trips in advance. Visually, it looks and works just like any other satnav system or something you might have on your phone right now.

Aguri RV760 Review

So, if you’re used to Apple Maps, Waze, or Google Maps (among others), jumping into the Aguri RV760 isn’t a big or jarring transition. If you go the wrong way, it’ll bong at you to let you know, but it’ll re-route you regardless. It has a clean and easy-to-read UI, so you’ll have no trouble seeing how much distance and time you have left prior to arriving, the next turn you have to take and its corresponding distance, where you are at the time, etc.

With that in mind, I do think that, for older folks or users with not as much technical skill, it’s a very intuitive little device that doesn’t have a huge learning curve to know how to use it. One more handy bonus feature is the fact that it’ll also display the speed limit of the road you’re on now, as well as the location of known speed traps and cameras, and it’s plugged into a massive database of thousands of locations that police vans frequent, too.

Aguri RV760 Review

Easy To Use, Even Easier To Navigate With

Fiddle around with the menus, and you’ll find a bunch more options here, like being able to add additional stops along the way, craft yourself a more comprehensive and detailed route, search for nearby points of interest, go through your navigation history, and more. The physical dimensions of the Aguri RV760 make reading its display easier, as well. It’s got a 7-inch 600p matte display, which should help with reflections and glare.

The included suction cup is also large and of good quality, so you’ll have no trouble mounting it securely to your windscreen. On the bottom of the Aguri RV760, there’s a handy USB-C port, and in the box, they give you a 12V/24V vehicle charger and a 240V home charger for charging the built-in 2,000mAh battery. The latter should last you long enough for most commutes and road trips. You even get a robust carrying case.

Aguri RV760 Review

It’s nice of Aguri to give you everything you need in the box, so you really can have it set up and get going right away. The Aguri RV760 comes with Wi-Fi, and I’ve used this to tether to my phone, or my home Wi-Fi network before I set off, so I can get the system up to date with the recent-most traffic and mapping data. Best of all, it’s all free of charge, and Aguri promises lifetime updates. For the money, £379.99, it’s awesome value for money.

It’s a one-off price too, so you won’t have to pay for some monthly subscription service or extra fees. Overall, it’s a great little satnav unit for folks who spend a lot of time driving or holidaying in a motorhome or caravan, since I can’t really think of any other alternatives – You’re not able to set Google Maps to avoid roads with size restrictions – so before you head off for your next road trip, it could be worth considering the Aguri RV760.

Aguri RV760 Review

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