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Transporting Your Classic Car – Safely and Securely

Have you just splashed out an expensive or classic car? Is that car quite a distance away from you? Then more than likely you will need to hire a professional car transport company to move it for you. Shipping your car can come with certain risks and can be pricey. Follow these 6 tips to keep your car and yourself protected when choosing a shipping company to go with.

Research Transport Companies

You don’t want to go picking the first company you come across, research every company in depth for your own peace of mind. If you spend a fortune on a valuable car, then the company you pick needs to be up for the job with all the relevant qualifications.

Check the company’s feedback on their website from previous customers. Check review websites and forums.

If you have car lover friend like yourself, ask them if they can recommend anyone to you.

Compare Quotes

Get yourself at least 5 quotes from different transport services you’ve vetted and decided are professional enough to be contacted. This will give you a more distinct idea of how much you should be paying and you can choose one that will suit your budget.

You can also use delivery comparison websites to collect a number of quotes easily and quickly. Websites like Shiply allow you to list your delivery request for free and transport service providers then bid for your delivery in a reverse auction.

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Check Their Insurance

Once you have chosen a transport company whose price and reputation you are satisfied with, next check their insurance. Before you pay them a penny request to see their insurance documents. This is vital should the worse happen and your precious car does get damaged in transit. By having these documents from the beginning you are covering yourself from any financial losses by damage caused accidentally.

Choose A Transport Style

Think about how you want it transported to you. There are usually 2 types of transport to choose from. The first one is an open trailer and the second one enclosed.

We would recommend you go with enclosed transport especially if it is a very expensive car. This can usually be a little more expensive but your car will be more protected than if it was transported on an open trailer. By choosing this method your car is protected from weather damage and any other damage that can happen on the road such as dirt and dust etc.

Another option to think about is to have it driven to you.

Prepare Your Vehicle

When preparing your vehicle for transport empty it of all valuables and personal effects. Make sure the tank is also empty and take photos of the inside. This way you will know if anyone has driven it.

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Inspect Your Vehicle

When your vehicle arrives inspect it thoroughly inside and outside. Use the photos you’ve taken previously to compare with and don’t sign off on anything until you are happy it is in the condition you left it.

And finally enjoy your new ride! Road trip anyone?

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