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TVR Are Back With A New Griffith

70 Years After Its Birth The British Icon Is Back

The return of TVR has been spoken about many a time, with little tid bits and rumours slowly creeping out of the Blackpool based manufacturer. But finally we have it confirmed TVR will be returning to the sports car business with a new version of their iconic Griffith. The original TVR Griffith was released way back in 1991 and was a sporty little two door convertible which shared a platform with its sister car the Chimaera.

The Griffith Retains The Brutal Nature Of Its Older Siblings

The new Griffith will be a high performance sports car with a 5.0 litre Cosworth enhanced V8 capable of 500BHP and a top speed of over 200MPH. The TVR Griffith will have perfect 50:50 weight distribution thanks to the Gordon Murray designed iStream chassis, the complete carbon fibre chassis gives the Griffith a weight of just 1250KG. This means the new TVR Griffith will have a power to weight ratio of 400BHP per tonne. TVR’s new boss Les Edgar said: “This is Unmistakably a TVR, a British muscle car that’s as awesome and brutal as it is charismatic and refined.”

Still No Traction Control, Abs Or Stability Control

The new TVR still retains the ideals of the old cars, despite modern advances in technology TVR are still promoting their mechanical engineering over more conventional driver aids such as ABS and traction control. The new Griffith’s distinctive body is focused on aerodynamics with large air intakes generating downforce and cooling. The New Griffith is also only the second front-engined production car to have a completely flat floor. The Griffith also comes with a high tech full ground effect aero package to keep the car stable at high speeds and retain its handling prowess in the corners.

Les Edgar is ensuring buyers that this is a TVR never seen before with a level of comfort, technical engineering and reliability not seen during previous incarnations of the company. The new TVR Griffith is to cost upwards of £90,000 and will begin production in late 2018.

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