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TVR Sports Car To Use Gordon Murray iStream Chassis

TVR, coming into the light after almost 10 years of relative silence, have announced their new sports car will make use of a specially designed Gordon Murray iStream carbon chassis.

New TVR to be Released Using Gordon Murray iStream Design

TVR been very secretive recently with their new model. Even when flaunting the new TVR sports car at the London Motor Show, where I saw it sitting teasingly concealed under cover, it remained that way for the entirety of the show. This is said to be because the exterior design is yet to be finalised and, so far, the only people to have seen even a mock up are the clients who have put down deposits.

How Does Murray’s iStream Process Work?

Murray’s iStream Carbon manufacturing process was revealed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show on the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept and from that moment it seems to be going from strength-to-strength. The clever tubular steel frame, along with composite panels bonded together with the ‘sandwich’ technique used in Formula 1 designs, makes the structure incredibly strong but lightweight. The use of the iStream process will also have a positive impact on the bodywork, aerodynamics and performance.

The iStream method takes a great deal of inspiration from Formula 1, which shows just how drastic the change by using the iStream process could be. You only need to glance at the Formula 1 cars to know their design is top notch. According to the description of iStream on the Gordon Murray Design website, “it combines lightweight Formula One technology, low-carbon propulsion, excellent safety standards and unprecedented manufacturing flexibility.”

History in the Making

The whole idea behind Gordon Murray’s iStream system is that it will reduce complexity within the construction of a car and also keep the weight of the product low. Much like Henry Ford’s revolutionary idea of the mass production line, Murray’s iStream method will vastly improve the production process and also improve the end result. History in the making, eh?

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