Veko Smart Battery Charger Review

The Veko smart battery charger proved invaluable for charging the battery of our Abarth before I travelled to the Yorkshire Dales. This easy to use 3.8 amp portable device is also suitable for charging up batteries for cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats and even jet skis!

Veko smart battery charger review testing

It is compatible with 6 and 12 volts sealed lead acid, calcium, silver, wet, gel and absorbed glass mat batteries. The product uses a three-stage charging process that allows the battery to be recharged to almost full capacity pretty quickly.

Veko smart battery charger setup guide

Veko smart battery charger – Easy to use

To use the Veko smart battery charger I just needed to attach the battery charger to the terminals and plug the other end into the mains supply and the generous cable length gave me plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Then the charger automatically reset itself and went into standby mode. It ascertains the correct battery voltage and then starts charging. The charging indicator then lights up and once the battery is at 100%, the full charge indicator comes on. The charger will then maintain battery charge as it is connected.

Veko smart battery charger in use review testing

Veko smart battery charger features state of the art technology

The Veko smart battery charger also features two modes that charge batteries under different ambient temperatures, which means it can be used safely and efficiently. Its high tech formula features Safe Charge advanced technology and it protects against overcharging, wrong connections (reverse polarity), open/short circuits and overheating. This smart charger automatically switches from full charge to trickle charge mode once the battery is fully charged, so you can leave the battery maintainer connected 24/7 in order to retain the battery’s correct storage voltage. It also steals a march on its competitors by having the ability to recharge discharged batteries that have a minimum of three volts remaining. Despite this emphasis on state of the art technology, the basics are not left out as it features a simple interface with push-button modes, so anyone with zero experience can use it!

Veko smart battery charger box and features

Perfect for travelling – Veko smart battery charger

The Veko smart battery charger is perfect for use when travelling as it is waterproof, compact and lightweight, leaving you plenty of room to store the rest of your luggage! It is also designed to be used in cold weather if your battery has frozen. You just connect the charger as normal and when the unit shows that it is charging, you need to press the mode button so the frost symbol lights up.

Veko smart battery charger box

 Veko smart battery charger – Copes with challenges

The Veko Smart Battery Charger can also cope with other challenges. If a battery is heavily depleted, then the charger will try to reclaim the battery. If the battery is faulty, then the device will not charge it and the fault indicator will illuminate and flash. If this happens, then you will need to have the battery checked by a professional. This convenient charger is the only kit you will need when on the move and it is priced at a very reasonable £22.99 from

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