VOLTA CHARGER Cables On The Move

Mobile devices have come a long way and they have made our lives so much more convenient. However, one aspect that can cause a lot of headaches is the charging cable. Most people these days have multiple mobile devices with them at all times and that generally means carrying around multiple charging cables.

Another shortcoming of these cables is that they can mean the end of your precious device as well. There have been countless incidents where people have accidentally tripped over a charging cable while it is attached to the device which results in one of two outcomes. Either the charging cable is damaged or, worst-case scenario, the device itself falls and get damaged.

Even if nothing drastic happens immediately, at the very least, this will put a lot of strain on the charging port itself and that can drastically reduce the life of the port itself. The Volta XL Improved offers a solution to all these problems in an innovative manner.

Versatile And Safe

This cable is reminiscent of Apple’s MagSafe system that was quite popular for many years. The Volta XL true to its name improves on the MagSafe. The cool thing about this system is that you won’t have to plug in and unplug the port all the time which is what causes the port to wear out and that is why the charging port is often the first part to fail on mobile devices.

The strong neodymium magnet allows the cable to snap on to the port quickly and securely. The use of a magnetic system also means that if there is a sudden jerking motion on the cable, the cable will detach from the tip without pulling the entire device down. It also has a very clever design and you do not have to align the connecting point in any specific way. It will instantly start working in whichever direction the cable snaps on to the tip. Another really useful feature is the presence of an LED that will let you know when the cable is connected and charging the device.

Built To Last

This cable does come at a premium price point but in the long run, it is actually quite a prudent investment. This single cable is compatible with most USB-C devices out there. So, this one cable can do the job for all your devices with a USB type C port.

If you want even more convenience then you can buy a few additional tips and permanently leave them attached to the charging ports and simply unsnap the cable from one device on to the other. The low profile nature of the tip will keep it inconspicuous while protecting the charging port. This can save a lot of time while prolonging the life of the charging port on your device and by extension prolong the life of the device itself.

The PBV braiding and anti-scratch shielding will ensure that the cable will last for a long time. This actually makes it more economical than buying a bunch of regular cables and having to replace them on a fairly regular basis.

Some Final Thoughts

The USB type C port is here to stay and this cable makes for a great investment in the long run. If you are someone who is constantly on the move and has to use multiple devices, the Volta XL Improved can make your life so much easier and save you from the heartache of destroying your mobile devices.

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