VW Golf R400 concept 2

The VW Golf R400 Concept Will Make it to Production

At the Beijing motor show it has been heard that Volkswagen are going to make the Golf R400 concept into a production car. The 395bhp super GTI may possibly be on a driveway near you in the future. These rumours have not yet been officially confirmed by Volkswagen, but it’s certainly worth telling you about!

Update: Read the Golf R review here.

VW Golf R400

The current Golf GTI is brilliant, just imagine the new animal they would create with 395bhp rammed under the bonnet. It is likely that the EA888 engine from the current Golf model will be used, but with some serious ECU and breathing tweaks to boost performance it should hopefully be well on the way to 395bhp.

VW Golf R400

The super-fast Golf will certainly come at a price for the added performance and it is always difficult territory to justify the purchase of a hot hatch over the £35,000 mark, which the R4000 concept is very likely to exceed. However the R400 will be an amazing machine.

Source: World Car Fans


  • Jimmy Says

    iam realy impressed with the VW team everything you touch turns to magic,iam still enjoying my 35 limited edition but cant wait for that monster.

    • grant Says

      i totally agree with you i also have a edition 35 and test drove the golf 7R yesterday and i can already say confidently that the R is abeast and the sound it makes is just unexplainable you have to drive it to experience it . i definately will buy me a R400 and sell my 35 but lets see if vw is going to bless south africa with this monster

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