VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Pro S

VW’s New ID.7 Brings Flagship Speed & Impressive EV Range

Volkswagen is going all in on electrification, and for the Wolfsburg brand, its all-electric line-up remains incomplete without a flagship halo car to showcase just how far they’ve gone in only a handful of years. The ID.7 is that top-of-the-line model to bring out the best of VW, and they’ve expanded the range even further. The ID.7 has four new siblings, the ID.7 GTX, GTX Tourer, Pro S, and the Tourer Pro S. All four of them are equipped with the same massive 86kWh battery. If you’re looking for smiles for miles and fun behind the wheel, you’re best off with the GTX.

Both the GTX and GTX Tourer are now the most powerful EVs that Volkswagen offers today. A 0 to 62mph sprint is dispensed in a mere 5.4 seconds, courtesy of 340PS of electrified power, in addition to its all-wheel drive system. Those dual motors should pack a punch, and without any compromise in range, either. Despite carrying a motor on both the front and rear axle, VW still promises a claimed range of 595km with the GTX, while the GTX Tourer station wagon – which is currently the most powerful VW estate car ever built – will manage a slightly lower 585km.

VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Pro S

The Fastest, Speediest Electric Cars From VW

Once those batteries need a charge, 200kW fast charging capability ensures that you can top up the battery on the GTX and the GTX Tourer in under half an hour, charging it from 10 to 80 per cent. Although the latter may sacrifice a tiny bit in acceleration – 5.5 seconds to 62mph – if you’re seeking the most amount of practicality and versatility possible, the GTX Tourer might be the best option for you. For reference, the regular GTX already offers a handy 532 litres of luggage capacity, but the GTX Tourer brings it up a notch to 605 litres of boot space.

And, you’ll bet that the interior is a nice place to be. The GTX and GTX Tourer include a set of 20-inch Skagen alloy wheels, illuminated VW logos front and rear, as well as a cyberpunk LED light matrix. The daytime running lights look especially cool, and just as neat as the red cabin accents, contrast stitching, and upholstery. For would-be customers like you, Volkswagen has opted to add more standard equipment across the board on the GTX and GTX Tourer. So, you get ambient lighting, an AR heads-up display unit, and a ChatGPT-capable voice assistant.

VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Pro S

Breaching The Stratosphere For EV Range

While I’m personally the sort of person who’d pick the GTX and GTX Tourer above all else, the new and updated VW ID.7 Pro S and Tourer Pro S are worth mentioning, too. Previously, you could get the Pro trim on the ID.7 only with a 77kWh battery. Now, alongside the GTX and the GTX Tourer, the Pro S and Tourer Pro S come with that aforementioned 86kWh battery. That’s the standard capacity, while VW claims that the gross capacity is around 91kWh. Given that it already has a strong emphasis on range, the Pro S and Tourer Pro S can now go even further.

Specifically, VW has claimed that the Pro S and Tourer Pro S could reach a maximum range of 709km for the fastback Pro S (or around 440 miles). Meanwhile, that Tourer Pro S wagon will notch about 690km; both are equally, mind-blowingly impressive. In other words, you’re now looking at an EV range that handily competes hand-in-hand with combustion engine models, all without any tailpipe emissions. Suffice it to say, VW has covered all bases with the expanded ID.7 family, whether you want more performance, or want to prioritise range, instead.

VW ID.7 GTX Tourer Pro S

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