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W Motors Unveils Fenyr SuperSport Flagship Supercar

The Middle Eastern supercar manufacturer W Motors has shown off its Fenyr SuperSport flagship model at this year’s Dubai Motor Show.

Sitting above the Lykan Hypersport in the W Motors range, the Fenyr SuperSport is the car that puts the W Motors brand among the heavyweights of the uber-exclusive hypercar world – namely Pagani, Koenigsegg and Bugatti.

In for a Ruf ride

Powering the Fenyr SuperSport is a turbocharged, 4.0-litre flat-six engine, developed by Ruf Automobiles (the German firm behind Porsche-based supercars like the RT12 and CTR3).

W Motors claims an official power output of 900hp, making it 160hp more potent than the already brisk Lykan Hypersport. That grunt is funnelled towards the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, presumably also based on the gearbox used in various Ruf models.

Acceleration from rest to 62mph is rated at a blistering 2.7 seconds, with the top speed currently being earmarked at “over 248mph”.

Engineered in Europe, built in the Emirates

Underpinning the Fenyr SuperSport is a tubular aluminium chassis, which is presumably a development on the platform that the Lykan Hypersport was based on.

Much like the Lykan, the Fenyr’s bodywork is crafted out of carbon-fibre. W Motors has yet to quote an official curb weight, though it’s expected the use of lightweight materials will mean the car tips the scales at no more than 1,400kg.

Though the Fenyr will be assembled in W Motors’ Dubai facilities, the main engineering work was done outside of the United Arab Emirates. According to W Motors, the aforementioned Ruf brand was involved in the car’s creation. Magna Steyr, an Austria-based firm that’s developed many cars on the behalf of other manufacturers in the past, also helped W Motors bring the Fenyr to fruition

Faster Fenyrs on the horizons?

It’s likely that W Motors will create an even more powerful version of the Fenyr Supersport, given the official press release states the output of the Fenyr’s flat-six starts “from 900bhp”.

A likely scenario is that this extra poke will come from technology being developed for the proposed Lykan-based W Motors racing car, which will run on natural gas – just like an Audi A3 g-tron. It’s been claimed that this alternative fuel Lykan racer can generate as much as 1,000bhp, suggesting that this may be the way W Motors will up the Fenyr’s power output.

Quite possibly the world’s most expensive supercar

W Motors has yet to disclose how much it will sell the Fenyr SuperSport for, though it’s likely that the price tag will be unbelievably steep – even by the standards of exclusive, tailor-made hypercars.

Giventhe Fenyr sits above the already hideously expensive Lykan Hypersport in the W Motors portfolio, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the SuperSport being sold for more than the £2million that buyers had to stump up for the Lykan.

However, unlike the Lykan, the Fenyr isn’t being limited to a handful of units. Given W Motors states it has the capacity to build 25 Fenyr SuperSports per year, it’s possible that the car won’t be as exclusive as the aforementioned Hypersport – and therefore, not as pricey.

We won’t find out for certain, though, until affluent owners of the Fenyr SuperSport reveal a rough figure of how much they had to pay for the privilege of owning only the second model to be made by the Middle East’s premier supercar manufacturer.


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