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2014 Hyundai Veloster Re:Flex Released

Even though Hyundai has managed to keep its funky Veloster hatchback relatively fresh in our minds, with the Turbo, R-Spec, and several other special edition models. At the 2014 Chicago motorshow, we’re seeing the next iteration of Veloster creativity, the limited-edition Hyundai Veloster Re:Flex.

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Hyundai Veloster Re:Flex

The Re:Flex model isn’t massively different from the normal model. It has been chromed up… 18-inch chrome-finished wheels, chrome door handles and chrome bonnet accents. I must say this doesn’t do much for me, but its an interesting touch. Inside, the Re:Flex gets full leather seating, in either black or red, and the car can be purchased in an Ice Pearl color, in addition to Century White, Vitamin C (orange), Ultra Black, and Boston Red.

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Hyundai is only offering the Re:Flex edition on the base Veloster, powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6-litre four cylinder engine. All Re:Flex models are fitted with the company’s six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

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Pricing has not been announced at the time of this publication, but the new Re:Flex model arrives in Hyundai showrooms this spring, with the full production run limited to 3,000 cars. For more information, feel free to take a look at the Hyundai website.


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