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6 Cars To Look Out For From The 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Ah, it comes to my attention that the Geneva Motor Show has shone upon us once more, and, after much anticipation, it finally unveiled a lot of exciting new cars, and concepts. Some I’m quite excited for, the Koenigsegg Regera, for example, others, not so much. Few, however, took me completely off guard. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list that’ll briefly describe some of the cars featured and hopefully this will shine some light on the annual Geneva Motor Show, do note that there are definitely way too many cars on show for us to list all though.

1. Koenigsegg Regera

This, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the star of the show. Dubbed the ‘Megacar’, it is a hybrid vehicle with a combined output of, get this, over 1,500 bhp and 1,475 ft/lbs of torque. That is just borderline insane, and it’s exactly why it’s on the list.

Not only that, it also boasts some of Koenigsegg’s finest engineering deep within. The car has a system called ‘Direct Drive’, which, very much simplified, means that power is transferred directly to the wheels without a gearbox. Wow.

2. McLaren P1 GTR

This is basically a track version of the already track-focused McLaren P1, but how can you not get excited for it? It is insanely bold; they have taken the aerodynamics a step further by removing the fancy adjustable rear spoiler and replacing it with a permanent huge rear wing. There is also a new rear diffuser, front splitter and lowered ride height. The stance of the car is just mesmerizing.

Other than the exterior, the drivetrain is pretty much the same, putting out 986bhp with the help of an ‘ERS’ system, somewhat similar to the KERS system used in F1 vehicles. The twin pipe you can see below is made up of titanium alloy and is straight cut, so it’ll be loud, that’s a guarantee.

3. Honda NSX

Or known as the Acura NSX if you live in the US, it’s actually a car that has been featured on Motor Verso a lot. Information regarding the car is scarce other than the bodywork. However, what we know about the car is exciting, it’s going to feature four-wheel drive and a have mid-mounted V8 that is aided by electric motors.

Honda tells us that they’ve decided to put a 9-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox into it as well, so it seems like the NSX looks to be Honda’s most state-of-the-art platform. All we know is, we look forward to the day that this little thing gets into production.

4. Honda Civic Type-R

Yes, this car was debuted last year in Geneva as well. We’ve seen it time and time again, but, just take a second and look at it. How can you not like this thing? Besides having the looks of a properly fast track car, it has the performance to back it up as well, 2.0-litre direct injection, turbocharged, 306bhp, 295 lb/ft of torque and a redline of 7,000 rpm.

In fact, the car recently clocked a time of 7m50.63s while lapping the ‘Ring, which is a FWD record in itself. The good news doesn’t end there, this ‘R’ is priced at £29,995, which is measly when you consider the performance figures.

5. Aston Martin Vulcan

This is truly one of the most anticipated cars out there right now. Known as the Vulcan, it’s set out to be a track-only monster that’ll destroy even the limited production One-77, in terms of power. And lighter as well, much lighter in fact, as it’s a full-on carbon-fibre race car.

It’s powered by a 7.0 litre naturally aspirated V12 that outputs 800 bhp, and a mid-mounted Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox that spins the rear wheels. Its height is an astonishingly low 1,186mm, it has all the bells and whistle of a proper race car, and a hefty price tag to pair with it. £1.5m with taxes, ouch.

6. Lamborghini Aventador SV

This creature needs no description, just look at it. When Lamborghini badge a car with ‘SV’, they’re not kidding. SV is an abbreviated form of superveloce, and it simply means ‘high speed’. The Aventador’s 6.5 litre V12 is tuned by Lamborghini engineers to produce even more power, 50bhp more in fact, up from the ‘pitiful’ 690bhp of the base Aventador, to 740bhp.

All thanks to an even more extensive usage of carbon-fibre and a revamped exhaust, 50kg is said to be lost from the car, bringing the kerb weight to just 1,600kg. Impressive! We believe that this will be the return of the true untamed bull.

After thoughts

Well then, it sure seems like there’s a lot to be seen over at the Geneva Motor Show, honourable mentions like the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse ‘La Finale’, I will never be able to cover the entire event in just a single article, so more articles might be en route. But, for now, what’s the car you readers are looking out for in the Geneva show? Leave a comment below!


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