DS3 2016 Launch 110

2016 New DS3 Launch in 31 Pictures – Paris Le Louvre

For the launch of the new DS3 here is the picture-by-picture guide of the launch experience. The launch was an evening event in Paris at the famous Le Louvre.

I left Birmingham in the morning and got the train down to London.

DS3 2016 Launch-1

Arrived at Euston Station, London.

DS3 2016 Launch-6

Went on foot to St Pancreas International.

DS3 2016 Launch-9

Caught the EuroStar from St Pancreas International to Paris.

DS3 2016 Launch-10

Travelled by coach from the train station to the hotel.

DS3 2016 Launch-22

Arrived at hotel with a room on the 25th floor. Bonus!

DS3 2016 Launch-30

Coach trip to Le Louvre for the exclusive DS launch.

DS3 2016 Launch-43

Welcomed by a high-tech DJ set surrounded by the current DS cars.

DS3 2016 Launch-56

I took a moment to look at all the latest DS cars on display. 

DS3 2016 Launch-53

DS3 2016 Launch-58

I made my way into Le Louvre lower section.

Next we saw a classic DS model on display and had a few welcome drinks.

DS3 2016 Launch-64

The launch begins. Around 350 journalists from Europe watching. 

DS3 2016 Launch-68

The new car was revealed with lots of beautiful imagery used.

DS3 2016 Launch-83

Citroen love to put on a show with some onstage dancers. Not bad.

DS3 2016 Launch-80

Here it is: the new DS3!

DS3 2016 Launch-91

Presentation over. The journalists go mad for the first shots of the car.

DS3 2016 Launch-110

Smart phones are getting the new car to millions worldwide in minutes.

DS3 2016 Launch-113

I took a couple of close-up pictures of the new features on the car.

DS3 2016 Launch-128DS3 2016 Launch-123DS3 2016 Launch-114

After the car had been released we were invited on a private tour of Le Louvre.

DS3 2016 Launch-135DS3 2016 Launch-145

The tour had a treat at the end, seeing the famous Mona Lisa.

DS3 2016 Launch-138

I headed out to see the cars outside and stopped to take a picture of the impressive surroundings.

DS3 2016 Launch-160

On display we had the new DS Performance models. Tasty.

This was the first look at the new DS3 Performance model.

DS3 2016 Launch-181

The new Cabrio model.

New DS3

And a selection of other variants.

DS3 2016 Launch-207

We walked back through Le Louvre to the coaches.

DS3 2016 Launch-213

Travelled back to the hotel via coach.

DS3 2016 Launch-217

And the final picture of the day was a night-time shot over Paris before resting for the evening.

DS3 2016 Launch-219

You can watch the launch video here.

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