Renault Captur 2024

All-New Renault Captur SUV – A B-Segment Crossover Champion

The Renault Captur has long been one of the best little crossovers money can buy, if you need one vehicle to do pretty much anything you need, day to day. Commuting, weekend road trips, picking up your kids from school, doing the weekly grocery shopping, it’ll pretty much manage them without a fuss. Well, if you’re thinking of buying a Captur, it might be worth waiting just a tiny bit longer, as Renault has just lifted the veil over the brand-new, redesigned Captur. It’s now featuring Renault’s new, sharper, more striking design language.

Not only giving the Captur a sportier exterior styling, this updated and revised model brings a lot of improvements to the Captur. For starters, the interior – just as spacious and as practical as before – is dominated by a large central infotainment system. This OpenR Link multimedia system also has Google built-in (only for the mid-tier and upper-tier trim levels), and this also includes Android Automotive 12, a first in the B-segment. The gauge cluster is digital now as well, with a 10.25-inch screen further adding more tech to the beloved Captur.

Renault Captur 2024

A Fresher, More Practical, More Sustainable Interior

Speaking of, the interior of the new Renault Captur is the first of many soon-to-be cars that’ll phase out leather. In this new Captur, all leather upholstery is replaced with a grained cover, confirming Renault’s promise to phase out animal-derived materials. In addition, most of the interior trim and upholstery are made from recycled fabric. If eco-friendliness isn’t enough to bring you over though, the cabin itself, with its lovely fabrics, stitching, and diamond pattern creates a nice and inviting atmosphere within the new Captur.

Amongst the three trim levels that the new Captur will launch with, the ‘esprit Alpine’ trim is the range-topper. A nod to Renault’s performance and motorsports division, the esprit Alpine trim brings unique blue inserts, accents, and piping to the interior. Moreover, you even get a special steering wheel, and aluminium sports pedals. Though, despite the Alpine branding, it isn’t a sports SUV, by any means. The new Renault Captur can be had with one of two engine options, both designed with fuel efficiency in mind, including a hybrid powertrain.

Renault Captur 2024

Easy-Going And Efficient Driving, Made Simpler

In particular, there’s a 1.0-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine with 90bhp and 160Nm of torque, and it’s paired with a 6-speed manual. This is then accompanied by a 1.6-litre E-Tech inline-4 full hybrid engine, with 145bhp, 205Nm of torque, combined with an automatic transmission. The latter ‘full hybrid’ adopts a series-parallel architecture, combining two electric motors to manage both an e-motor and a high-voltage starter generator. That incredibly fuel-efficient inline-4 engine works in conjunction with a relatively tiny 1.2kWh battery pack.

A lot of changes were made underneath, too. Renault’s engineers have revised the Captur’s suspension geometry, in addition to fine-tuning the steering system. As such, you’ll have no problem taking advantage of the new Captur’s 1,334 litres of total storage space, when the rear seats are folded down, aside from the respectable 24.7 litres of in-cabin storage. Plus, it should make driving way easier and safer, thanks to improvements in its driving aids suite. If you are thinking of getting the new Renault Captur, it’ll be available from Q3 of 2024.

Renault Captur 2024

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