Driveway Security On a Budget – D4 Telescopic Bollard

Driveway bollards are one of the best add-ons that you could install to help secure your driveway. However, one of the biggest barriers to entry for folks wanting to fit one is the cost; driveway bollards can be quite pricey. Currently, my driveway is secured with the BFT STOPPY B 115/500, which was installed by the kind folks at Bollard Security. It’s one of Bollard Security’s higher-end and pricier driveway bollards, which could be a tougher sell. Thankfully, Bollard Security has tonnes of more affordable driveway bollards that you could pick and choose from, like this D4 telescopic bollard that I be looking at recently.

The D4 (specifically, the RRB/D4) telescopic bollard makes installing driveway bollards far more attainable and approachable for folks who want to improve their driveway security, and prevent their cars from being broken into and driven off. Or, you could alternatively even use it to prevent your neighbours or strangers from parking their cars in your driveway. Speaking of the expense, unlike the aforementioned BFT STOPPY B 500, this D4 telescopic bollard costs around £580. This also includes the costs of installing it, courtesy of the guys and gals at Bollard Security, who did a really superb job installing driveway bollards at my home before.

Helping To Secure Your Driveway – Good Value For Money

With its lower price point, the D4 is by far one of the more popular driveway bollard models on offer by Bollard Security, and for good reason. It trickles down some of the benefits of the pricier bollards and brings it down to a lower-priced, more attainable model. Granted, all you’re missing out on are nice-to-haves and creature comforts. Primarily, you’ll have to deal with not being able to lower and raise the D4 telescopic bollard automatically, without hydraulic or electric assists (unlike the premium models like the STOPPY B ). Granted, with the D4 tipping the scales at just 7.0kg, it doesn’t require much elbow grease.

The costs further vary depending on how you’d like to specify and go about installing the D4 telescopic bollard. However, depending on how wide your driveway is, you ought to consider maybe two or even three of these. Additionally, you should also take into account the extra costs of having it installed, and Bollard Security offers to install it for you. Of course, you can hire a third-party contractor to install it, but given my positive experiences with Bollard Security in the past, it’s absolutely worth considering hiring them for the installation. It shouldn’t take too much time to install it, either.

Small In Size, But Mighty In Protection

While the D4 telescopic bollard might be comparatively affordable amongst other driveway bollards in its class, the D4 is no doubt still a pretty tough little thing. It’s made from galvanised steel, which you could opt to have painted in a myriad of different colours to match your driveway or your home. Furthermore, it incorporates a 10-pin anti-drill and tamper-proof lock, making it way harder for thieves to simply drill out or pick the lock. As such, locking and unlocking it needs to be done using the supplied set of keys.

One thing that you need to bear in mind is that the D4 is made for residential use. In other words, it lacks super heavy-duty features like anti-ram protection. It’s also relatively thinner and smaller than some of the heavier-duty ones that Bollard Security offers; the latter of which are designed for more commercial use. Particularly, the D4 has a height of 580mm when raised above ground, a diameter of 76mm, and a wall thickness of 4mm. All in all, the D4 telescopic driveway bollard by Bollard Security is a fantastic option for budget-conscious homeowners. It brings massive improvements to your home, driveway, and vehicle security, without even breaking the bank!

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