Alpine A290 Hot Hatch EV Electric Car

Alpine A290_β: Fully-Electric Hot Hatch Shaking Up City Streets

A Vision for the Future

Building on the sensational Alpenglow concept car of 2020, the Alpine A290_β takes its cues from the well-known design features of the Dream Garage vehicles. This full-electric sports car promises to be a force on the roads, with a focus on the fusion between the driver and the machine.

A magenta line bisects the car, signifying the human-machine connection, while a blue line highlights the bond between the driver and passengers.

The Exterior: Designed for Performance

The exterior of the A290_β is a testament to Alpine’s design prowess, with a dynamic and distinctly modern body. With a length of 4.05 metres, a width of 1.85 metres, and a height of 1.48 metres, this show car previews a nimble production car offering greater stability at high speeds due to a short wheelbase and wider track.

Aerodynamics: Fine-tuned for Driving Pleasure

The design team went to great lengths to optimise the A290_β’s aerodynamic performance. Large air inlets in the front bumper enhance the car’s aerodynamics and cooling efficiency. Meanwhile, the ultra-slim floating rear-view mirrors add to the car’s road grip. The vehicle even features sculpted air inlets beneath the headlights for smoother airflow, reminiscent of its motorsport roots.

Illuminating Design Features

Alpine A290 Hot Hatch EV Electric Car

The A290_β incorporates two X-shaped sets of lights at the front, similar to those on the iconic A110 and reminiscent of yesteryear’s racing cars. The rear lights take inspiration from the A470 endurance racing car, with vertical lights and a central brake light that stretches inwards, merging into the light beam across the car’s centreline.

Alpine’s Signature Three-tone Wheels and Tyres

The A290_β’s aluminium wheels are a sight to behold. The wheels, reminiscent of the Alpine brand, feature a unique pattern and a tri-colour design. The tyres, custom-engineered in collaboration with Michelin, ensure optimal performance and control in all conditions, bolstering the car’s overall appeal.

Inspired by the Mountains

Emulating the mountain range that inspired its name, the A290_β boasts a powdery white body that glimmers faintly in the light, akin to freshly fallen snow. Contrasting this, all parts around the base have a rock-like forged carbon finish with a blue inlay, hinting at the car’s cutting-edge technicity.

Interior: A Confluence of Fusion and Passion

The interior design of the A290_β follows a pioneering architecture that places the driver at the heart of the action. The cockpit is minimalistic, emphasising performance and efficiency, complete with carbon bucket seats and a racing-inspired steering wheel packed with features.

Alpine A290 Hot Hatch EV Electric Car

Driving: An Immersive Experience

A central driving position illustrates the car’s city-friendly, hot-rod essence, inspired by racing cars and the Alpenglow concept car. This unique design places the driver at one with the car, providing an unparalleled experience for both driver and passengers.

The A290_β: Power and Performance Personified

Alpine’s test drivers, engineering teams, and design teams spent countless hours on the tracks optimising every aspect of the A290_β. The car’s power is unparalleled, thanks to its torque vectoring technology, which controls the torque to each wheel individually, ensuring unforgettable performance.

A Unique Development Process

The A290_β’s chassis was designed to deliver a playful driving experience at low and medium speeds while maintaining high stability at higher speeds. The vehicle is also fitted with a high-performance Brembo braking system.

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