Skoda Epiq

Brand-New Skoda Epiq – An All-New Entry-Level EV For Europe

As EV adoption remains shaky at best, especially with growing wariness in Europe, brands like Skoda hope that by making electric cars cheaper, we could get more folks to jump ship. I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s certainly an attractive proposition, and worth considering. To help expand their all-electric line-up, Skoda has since unveiled the Epiq. It’s a roughly 25,000 Euro electric sub-compact SUV, marking a new, affordable barrier to entry for EV buyers.

The Epiq is one of the six electric vehicles that Skoda aims to release in coming years, and it’s a really strong start. That’s particularly so if all of Skoda’s current claims and promises manifest prior to its pending debut, sometime in 2025. Despite being just 4.1 metres in length, the Skoda Epiq has a spacious passenger cabin. And, a surprising abundance of luggage capacity, up to 490 litres. It’ll also echo Skoda’s ‘Modern Solid’ design ethos, which does look rather good to my eyes.

Skoda Epiq

Small On The Outside, But Big On The Inside

With enough room for 5 people, the Epiq is a compact, yet practical urban runabout. It’s great for folks who roam city streets. To ensure that it remains as accessible as possible to first-time EV owners, Skoda is targeting an aggressive 25,000 Euro price tag. Plus, taking into account how its interior and exterior design will be incorporated. The interior, in particular, brings with it a lot of sustainable, durable, and practical materials, the first with Skoda’s Modern Solid style.

For practicality’s sake, it’ll come with a wireless phone charger, a free-floating centre console, and loads of cleverly packaged compartments for additional interior storage. Even the boot is inclusive of handy organisation tools, like bag hooks, cargo dividers, and a hidden underfloor compartment. It further includes bi-directional charging. Thus, turning the Skoda Epiq into a large rolling battery for powering appliances and even keeping your home powered up.

Skoda Epiq

Futuristic Design Meets Day-To-Day Practicality

The most noticeable use of Skoda’s Modern Solid design is in the exterior. It’s a pretty big departure compared to Skoda’s current design language. Much of the front bumper, grilles, as well as fascia are practically brand-new, not to mention a new lighting signature, too. Looking around the Epiq, you’ll also notice loads of aerodynamic enhancements, from its wheels to the gently sloping roofline. For a budget EV, it’s a looker, but do let us know what you think!

Given that we’re far off from its release date, we don’t yet know a lot of the Skoda Epiq, not its powertrain, drivetrain, or most other juicy specs – those, we’ll have to wait. But for now, we at least know the range, as Skoda promises a rather competitive 248 miles of EV range (or about 400km). That alone should put it alongside even more expensive alternatives on the market. It remains to be seen how good the Epiq is, but from what we know so far, it’s promising!

Skoda Epiq

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