Peugeot 408 Plug In Hybrid PHEV

Can Peugeot’s 408 Finally Make Crossovers Cool?

Though they’ve been selling like hotcakes, a lot of enthusiasts still lament the idea of a crossover. The very concept of which, to my eyes, is the definition of un-cool. But, maybe Peugeot can finally change my viewpoint on C-segment vehicles with their new 408. They refer to the new 408 as a fastback, but I prefer the term “jacked up wagon”. From a glance, it sounds like the perfect family car, no?

It’s no doubt a handsome thing, with the 408 echoing Peugeot’s bold and sharp styling ethos that I’ve come to love over the past few years. Most crossovers tend to feature overly tall or bloated designs. In the case of the 408, it’s got that low-slung, long, and wide look of a wagon. You could think of it as a lifted-up A6 Allroad on stilts. This also means that you get plenty of interior space in the 408.

A Revival Of The Wagon?

Speaking of, the insides of the 408 seem like a grand place to spend time in. Naturally, you’re able to expect much of the connectivity, gadgets, and Silicon Valley-esque gizmos that cars of today typically come with. However, it’s the way it’s been laid out that not only makes it an efficient use of space. It also looks like you’re practically piloting a rocket ship! Oh, there’s the powertrain to mention, too.

You could opt for a conventional petrol-only model. Or, if you want more power, Peugeot will offer a selection of two plug-in hybrid variants. Interestingly, they’re also planning an all-electric 408, which sounds pretty intriguing. For now, they’ll all be coupled with an 8-speed automatic. Alongside that, a whole suite of clever driver aids and active safety tech will come with the 408, as is de rigueur.

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