CARLUEX Air Review – Modern Wireless Infotainment

The CARLUEX Air promises to revolutionize in-car connectivity, and I had the opportunity to test this cutting-edge technology in my 2019 Jaguar I-PACE. Known for its seamless integration and user-friendly features, the CARLUEX Air offers a glimpse into the future of mobile navigation and entertainment.

Product Overview

The CARLUEX Air is a wireless CarPlay/Android Auto adapter that eliminates the need for cables and offers a clutter-free environment within the car’s cockpit. It boasts a built-in operating system that allows the device to operate independently of a phone, meaning apps can be downloaded directly to the device, enhancing functionality without relying on a smartphones service or storage capabilities.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the CARLUEX Air in the Jaguar I-PACE was straightforward. The device plugs into the car’s USB port, in the i-Pace this is nicely out of the way under the armrest. Pairing it with my smartphone was a breeze (via bluetooth), thanks to its plug-and-play nature, and within minutes, I was connected and ready to go.

Functionality and Performance

Once installed, the CARLUEX Air transformed the I-PACE’s infotainment system into a highly responsive, app-enabled hub. The ability to download apps directly to the device was particularly impressive. I tested its navigation capabilities, streaming services like Spotify, and even browsed through Google Play Store, all of which worked flawlessly without any lag. You can install Netflix straight to your dashboard, how crazy is that.

The wireless connectivity was robust throughout my tests. I experienced no disconnections or interruptions, and the audio quality delivered through the car’s speakers was crisp and clear. The visual display on the I-PACE’s touchscreen remained sharp and very responsive, enhancing the overall user experience.

Safety Features

An important benefit of the CARLUEX Air is the increased safety it provides. By eliminating the need for physical cables, it helps reduce distractions, you can correctly store your phone out of site and allows me to keep my focus on the road while still enjoying the main functionality of my smartphone but designed for the car. This feature is invaluable, especially in a vehicle as powerful and responsive as the Jaguar I-PACE.


The CARLUEX Air is a game-changer for any car owners looking to enhance their vehicle’s connectivity capabilities. Its ease of installation, robust functionality, and seamless performance make it a standout product in the realm of automotive accessories. At £138, it offers significant value for money, given the wide range of features and improved safety. Whether you’re tech-savvy or simply looking for a more connected driving experience, the CARLUEX Air is definitely worth considering.

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