Chipex Touch Up Paint Kit Review

Chipex Touch Up Paint Kit Review

Well, here’s one unfortunate thing I’ve learned about the Mustang. Be very, very, very careful when you’re servicing the windshield wipers. That’s especially so with the newer Mustangs, where there’s a noticeable power bulge on the bonnet. Or else, you might find the wipers, getting pulled up too hard, smashing against the bonnet. Thus, leaving us to resort to folks like Chipex for help.

Why, you might ask? Because there’s now a fairly significant scratch on the rear edge of the bonnet. While it’s not visible from every angle, it’s particularly infuriating when you’re behind the wheel. As that scratch is sitting there, within your eyesight. The good news, at least, is that paint touch up kits, like those made by Chipex, are practically everywhere. And, they tend to be pretty effective.

A Bucket Of Goodies

First things first, you’ll need to order in the right shade of colour. Our Mustang here, in its bright and bold Grabber Blue, is readily available. With a simple colour code, Chipex can supply you with a matching tone and hue for your car, too. Once these touch up paint kits do arrive from Chipex, you’ll observe how amazingly detailed they are. You’ll get an entire canister filled with goodies inside.

Each one marks a step in the process to restore your paint. Crucially, there are 3 little bottles. There’s the paint itself, which in this instance, matches perfectly with the Mustang. Next, there’s a blending solution, used for removing excess paint blobs or unwanted residue. And finally, you get a polishing mixture, which you can apply to top off the touched up area with an even and smooth finish.

Simplicity Ensures Perfection

The process begins by giving the damaged section of your car a thorough wash. When it’s dried, you can begin applying the touch up paint. Rather than using a pen or an aerosol spray, Chipex supplies you with a series of micro brushes. Simply dip the end of the tip into the paint bottle, and be careful getting it ready for use. Then, gently brush it over the scratched or chipped surface, lapping it over adequately.

Depending on the temperature and humidity, it’ll only take a few minutes for the paint to dry. Once it’s sufficiently bonded, you should now grab the blending solution. Put a few drops onto one of the provided cloths. Next up, wipe the blending solution softly onto the touched up area to get rid of any excess paint blobs or spills. Although, be cautious to not brush it too hard when scrubbing over the paint.

Or, you might end up stripping away the touch up paint. Finally, you can now use the polish to give the touched up surface a shiny, uniform, and flat finish. Based on the paint itself, this entire repair kit will set you back around £30 or so, or closer to £40 for a special batch. In all, Chipex’s solution isn’t just easy to use, but it’s left me chuffed with how well it’s disguised that scratch. Give it time to cure, and it might look even better!

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