Poorboy’s Detail And Ceramic Coat Review On Mustang

If you’ve stuck around long enough, then you’ll remember my first-generation Audi R8. Or, perhaps I should say, ‘our’ Audi R8, as it turned from my personal daily driver into a widely shared (and enjoyed) project car. Now, I suppose this old girl will soon bring smiles to someone else, as I’ve swapped it for a 2016 Mustang. Having just been dusted off, it’s a great occasion to give it a Poorboy’s treatment.

This particular Mustang here is perhaps the most challenging canvas possible that could easily make or break detailers. You can’t imagine my excitement then, having found one sold in this iconic Grabber Blue paint. While it’s been on Mustangs since 1969, this vivid and uber-bright French Racing Blue-like shade is hard to find nowadays. And, it’s especially sensitive (or my heart is, at least) to ageing.

So, I filled my cart to the brim with Poorboy’s cleaning and detailing solutions, which I’ve been fond of before. Now, let’s give the Pony a quick rinse, wash, polishing, and see if we can restore its old shine…

Super Slick And Suds – Giving The Mustang A Deep Shampooing

First and foremost, we of course need to give the Mustang a shampooing. The bottle might look fairly large, but the liquid inside is quite a concentrated solution. Thus, you’d only need just a little bit for it to start working. And it indeed worked well to remove most of the nasty debris, like road grime and mud that’s been buried in there from my regular commute back and forth.

In my case, I ran a lambswool mitt with the Poorboy’s Super Slick and Suds twice over. It needn’t require much to rinse it off and dry it either, as it didn’t leave an excess of soapy residue. This is partly thanks to the high-suds formula that Poorboy’s uses. In addition, its mixture also means that you could safely use it on top of existing sealant or waxes without stripping it bare. A quick towel dry later, and it’s done.

Clay Bar – Removing Every Last Imperfection

My eyes were already satisfied with that beaming, post-shampoo bodywork, but we’re not done just yet. While your eyes might be tricked into thinking that it’s clean, it only takes brushing your finger on the paint to feel the imperfections. Still, even the best car shampoo can’t remove everything, as some impurities are more stubborn than others. Brake dust, in particular, is pretty tough to get at.

A well-done paint job should feel like a slab of glass as you’re running your fingers over it, and that’s my end goal with the Pony. For that, I turned to Poorboy’s Clay Bar as the beginning of my detail for the Mustang. You’re recommended to use Poorboy’s Clay Lube alongside it, which applies a fine mist of lubrication under the clay bar before you get scrubbing.

The clay bar is straightforward, as you’re only left with rubbing away contaminants bit by bit. This can ensure a slick and smooth surface bearing your paintwork, which you can then proceed with polishing and waxing. Poorboy’s clay bar is flexible, meaning you can reshape it where needed, you can work it in your hands to keep getting a fresh bit of clay to contact the car paintwork.

SuperHydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coating – A Protective Finish

Every step of the way so far, the baby-blue Mustang is a giant leap closer to perfection. That clay bar should have, by now, ironed out the paintwork with a mirror-like sheen. Once that’s done and it has had a polish, it’s always a good idea to apply a protective coating over the top. If not to keep your car free of small scratches and wear, at least it’ll make your car sparkle for that bit longer.

Having already removed every last bit of filth with the shampoo and clay bar, I sealed up the paint with a Poorboy’s SuperHydrophobic Nano-Ceramic coating. As the name suggests, it also offers some water-repellency features, too. You could use it on the paint, but otherwise, the nano-ceramic coating can be applied on glass, or even plastic and chrome trim.

The formula uses SiO2 (silicon dioxide) nano-particles with a thermoplastic resin that ultimately bonds tightly with whatever surface you’re coating it on. Poorboy’s claims that it can maintain this protected layer for up to 36 months (3 years). I’ve clearly only just applied it, but immediately, its benefits are already making themselves apparent. To use, you start with the applicator block.

Wrap a microfibre towel around that block, and put a few drops of the nano-ceramic coating on top of it. Then, gently wipe it on every body panel, one at a time. It takes a mere 20 minutes for it to dry, but around 48 to 72 hours for it to thoroughly cure. If a glass-like finish is what you want, you can get it in record time with this nano-ceramic coating. Plus, for a pretty fantastic price.

QD+ Quick Detailer Plus – Rapid-Fire Detailing On The Fly

While I’ve praised Poorboy’s detailing solutions well enough already, this here is the icing on the cake. So, let’s say you’ve already had the car exhaustively washed… Don’t tell me you have to repeat this all over again the next week or anytime it’s had a smudge on it, right? Well thankfully, this ordeal can be made a whole lot more painless owing in no small part to Poorboy’s Quick Detailer.

This is a great bottle of fluids to have around and use between the in-depth detailing sessions. Every week or so, the Quick Detailer solution will help to dress up the car massively after washing. On top of preserving its shine and sparkle on top of the ceramic coating, it could also boost the protective layer. Inside, the solution is mixed with Brazilian carnauba wax and polymers that aids in buffing up the paint.

Or, you could use it as a quick spray to quickly get rid of dust, smudges, or fingerprint marks. If you’re only going to use one of Poorboy’s products here, then this is the right pick. Perhaps, you don’t have the time, money, or energy to put your car through an intense clean-up every so often. In a pinch, its Quick Detailer is an incredibly easy-to-use and effective solution that gets the job done brilliantly.

Natural Look – Cleaning Your Car’s Insides

Thus far, I’ve already spent quite a lot of time on the exterior, but the Mustang’s interior could still do with some freshening up. To achieve this, I’ve entrusted the aptly-named Poorboy’s Natural Look interior detailing product. In essence, you can use it on almost every surface area in your car’s cabin, except for the windows. In my case, I’ve used it primarily on the leather seats.

That’s not to mention the plastic and rubber interior trim pieces. In practice, a quick spray and scrub are more than enough to restore the interior to an almost-new look. I suppose it’s a bit like applying a bit of polish to liven up aged and weary furniture. However, Poorboy’s kit doesn’t leave behind any marks or unnatural residue. For instance, grease, excessive shine, or stickiness.

These can make your cabin look somewhat cheap and feel poorly done. Instead, its fresh, matte finish has a refreshing scent and lasts for quite a while. Moreover, using Poorboy’s Natural Look ought to provide some degree of UV protection. Over the long run, this prevents your interior trim, especially bits like plastic and leather, from cracking and fading.

Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing – Are Those Tyres Brand New?

As with every other product we’ve seen so far, Poorboy’s Bold N Bright Tyre Dresser does exactly what it says on the tin, to a T. To be specific, it’s a high gloss, water-based tyre cleaner and dressing. A spray is sufficient to bring back that darkened shine of your car’s rubber boots. Though the Pony’s tyres have been through a lot of punishment out on the open road, this tyre gel has been enduring.


Once gently applied, it gives you that nice shine, as though you’ve just fitted on a new set of tyres. It’s a high concentration solution, so you won’t need too generous of a spray, and requires only a single application. Better still, the mixture doesn’t include any harsh toxins or chemicals, and doesn’t sling or leave a greasy trail on your tyres.

Final Thoughts On Poorboy’s Cleaning And Detailing Solutions

Altogether, from the thick foam of shampoo to the tyre gel, Poorboy’s has reaffirmed why they have a lasting place in my garage. These are all it took to resuscitate the Mustang’s appearance as though it just left the factory 5 years ago. In all, I’m left quite chuffed with how it’s all turned out, as well as the selection of excellent detailing kit on offer from Poorboy’s. I’d heartily recommend these any day.

They’re supremely easy to use and work well to restore your car’s worn-out looks. Once they’ve been applied, they last for a fairly long time and require minimal babying on your behalf. With all that being said, I think the best part about Poorboy’s is, as its name might suggest, the value. There’s abundant bang-for-buck with their line-up, offering affordable detailer’s kits that don’t skimp on potency.

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