Davanti Tyres Announces New Partnership in Trinidad and Tobago with Champs Fleur Auto

Davanti Tyres, a prominent tyre manufacturer known for its innovative range of products, has embarked on a new journey by partnering with Champs Fleur Auto, a leading automotive retail and repair business in Trinidad and Tobago. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Davanti Tyres as it aims to expand its distribution network in the Caribbean.

A Strategic Alliance for Expansion

The partnership between Davanti Tyres and Champs Fleur Auto is set to revolutionize tyre distribution in Trinidad and Tobago. Champs Fleur Auto, established by Garry Agge in 2015, has built a reputation for offering comprehensive automotive repairs and a wide range of car accessories. With the addition of Davanti Tyres’ products to its portfolio, Champs Fleur Auto is poised to become a one-stop solution for automotive needs in the twin island country.

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Introducing Davanti’s Premium Range

Champs Fleur Auto will distribute a variety of Davanti’s products, including the acclaimed DX range, Terratoura A/T, and Protoura Sport. These tyres are designed and engineered in Britain, embodying the pinnacle of tyre technology and performance. The distribution is scheduled to begin in January, with plans to gradually supply stock to external dealers across Trinidad and Tobago.

A Mutual Vision for Success

Garry Agge expressed his enthusiasm for joining the Davanti Tyres family, highlighting the extensive support received from Davanti’s team. He is confident that this partnership is a step in the right direction for both entities. Amilcar Lanzon, International Sales & Marketing Executive for Davanti Tyres, shared similar sentiments. The collaboration was initiated after a meeting at the 2023 Tyre Expo in Panama, and both parties are eager to make a positive impact on the automotive market in Trinidad and Tobago.

Davanti’s Growing Global Network

This partnership is a continuation of Davanti Tyres’ strategic expansion. In 2023, the company extended its global network by establishing partnerships in Brazil with GF Pneus and in Bahrain with Ebrahim K. Kanoo. Champs Fleur Auto is the first distribution partner to join Davanti in 2024, signaling a promising start to the year.

About Davanti Tyres

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in the North of England, Davanti Tyres has quickly risen to prominence in the tyre industry. Available in over 70 countries, its product lineup includes the ultra-high-performance Protoura Sport and the groundbreaking Terratoura A/T all-terrain tyre. Davanti’s commitment to quality is evident in its UK-based design team, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and rigorous testing at Europe’s leading proving grounds.

For further insights into Davanti Tyres and its innovative products, visit www.davanti-tyres.com.

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