DS 4: Refinement Engineered For the Modern Day

DS Automobiles has now showcased the all-new DS 4, their premium C-segment model that comes with quite a few innovative offerings. The first aspect about this car that really sets it apart is that it is based upon the multi-energy EMP2 platform. This means that it comes in a variety of energy variants including a plug-in hybrid that can provide 30 miles of zero-emissions driving. The DS-4 will become the fourth addition to the DS range alongside the DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS 3 CROSSBACK and DS 9. This is a sign of the French car manufacturer’s intent of expanding their market share even further after having overtaken Lexus in terms of car sales last year.

Redefining The C-Segment

The C-segment may not be as competitive as some of the other segments in the automobile industry but it is still an important market. It is also a segment where prospective customers have a very unique taste. With the DS 4, its makers want to appeal to that customer base by not only meeting their expectations but by exceeding them. The unique but easy on the eye design of this car sets it apart from many of its competitors. The right balance between subtle and dynamic makes it eye-catching without any ostentatiousness. This is a result of the car’s design being inspired by the well-received DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept car.

Filled To The Brim With Technology

This is a car that is highly focused on technology and that is immediately apparent from the digital interior aimed at providing the ideal mix of form and function. A great example of this is the invisible vents for air conditioning. The idea is to show only those parts of the car that are necessary. Everything else is neatly tucked away without affecting functionality. The dashboard is uncluttered but everything the driver would need is within reach.

The DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY uses augmented reality to give the driver a really neat way of looking at the various data associated with the car. This along with the various driver aids, safety features, and the 10-inch infotainment system dubbed as the DS IRIS SYSTEM should make this car a treat to be in.

Practicality Taken To A New Level

DS Automobiles have also developed innovative ways of manufacturing the various parts of this car. This has allowed them to make the car as structurally sound as possible while being able to provide a lot of space both for the passengers and luggage while also reducing weight. Special attention has been given to the seats to make them really comfortable as well. A combination of different natural materials makes the inside of this car a really nice place to be in.

Exceptional Variants

DS has a rich sporting history as they have won successive Formula E world championships in 2019 and in 2020. They know their way around the electrification of cars and this know-how has been applied to the plug-in hybrid DS 4. The combination of a 180 horsepower 4-cylinder engine and a 110 horsepower electric motor for a combined 225 horsepower in an energy-efficient package is very good. The e-EAT8 gearbox offers an additional level of refinement. The DS 4 line-up is further bolstered by the PureTech 130, 180 and 225 horsepower petrol variants and a 130 horsepower Diesel BlueHDi version. All of these will get an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The DS 4 will be made available to customers in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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