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Ferrari Brings Together 100+ Supercars at Special Event

Ferrari love to promote their cars and we love to watch. Just a couple of weeks after launching the new Ferrari F12tdf limited edition, they decided to organise a special event over in Japan.

In Midousuji on the main street called Osaka they put on a Ferrari F1 demonstration with Japanese professional racing driver Shinji Nakano in the driving seat.

13 Dinos, 5 LaFerraris, 1 Enzo and a 750 Monza

The demonstration was supported by over 100 Ferrari supercars coming together in one place. The streets were packed by people hoping to get a closer look some of the cars. Special cars at the event included 13 Dinos, an impressive 5 LaFerraris, 1 Enzo and a 750 Monza, which blended together in a sea of supercars and were joined by the 458 Speciale and other vehicles made in Maranello.

The event took place on November 29 2015. Take a look at the brief video of the event below.

Ferrari Special Event Video

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