For £100k, You Too Can Have Your Own Defender Rally Car

Bowler makes some of the coolest, sickest Land Rovers out there. So much so, that they’ve even got people like me (who aren’t really all that enthusiastic about a Landie) pretty much hooked. I’d been wondering about what happened to Bowler after Land Rover bought them a while back, and it looks like they’ve been keeping busy. If you have £100,000 to spare, here’s an idea…

2023 marks the return of the Defender Rally Series, a one-make rally to celebrate and test the new Land Rover Defender to the absolute limit. We’re talking about 12 teams taking part in 9 gruelling events, including 7 highly competitive rounds. Typically, one doesn’t simply become a rally driver overnight. But with Bowler’s help, you too can make this dream come true.

Become The Rally Driver Of Your Dreams

With Bowler on site, you’ll get first-hand knowledge, training, and experience in rally driving. Furthermore, you’d get technical support, as well as hospitality, a host of spare parts, and your own crew. You can even get Bowler to take care of your car between rally events, including all the necessary cleaning, upkeep, and servicing. Speaking off, there’s the car in question.

For £100k, you don’t just get a ticket into the Defender Rally Series. On top of this, it’ll buy you a brand-new, fully-converted, and race-ready Defender 90 P300. It’s mostly the same inside or out, but with a few subtle (yet, crucial) mods by Bowler. That includes chassis bracing, a spare wheel, a roll cage, and additional strengthening to the mounts, subframes, and suspension. It also comes with a lengthy list of other mods… Better cooling, chunkier tyres, and loads more!

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