Honda Civic Type R Concept Teaser

Agreed for launch in 2015 is the next generation of the Honda Civic Type R,  and we’ll get our first look at its styling at its debut next month. Anticipation has been built up considerably since rumours first began about a replacement for the Civic Type R in 2010.

Honda Civic Type R Concept

The Honda Civic Type R concept will be on show at Geneva with a complete performance body kit. From the rear, the hatchback has a huge carbon fibre spoiler with integrated rear tail-lights, that do look pretty cool, deep vertical air scoops in the front bumper, and a quad exhaust built into the divided rear diffuser.

Based on the European spec Honda Civic platform, the production Honda Civic Type R should be more fun then others we have seen in the past. Honda previously confirmed that the Civic Type R will feature a turbo charged 2.0-litre four cylinder engine, which will be more powerful then the naturally aspirated 2.0-litre in the old model.

Nürburgring lap times

Honda has publicly stated that it’s shooting for the best Nürburgring lap time for a front wheel drive production car. Spy photographers caught Civic Type R prototypes being tested around the Deutsche track on many occasions, and Honda appears geared to break the previous record of 8:08 set by the Renault Megane 265 Trophy in 2011. I hope they do it.

No word yet on the final pricing or actual release date for the Type R, we just know that some time in 2015 we should see this car out on the road in the UK.

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