Hydrogen Vehicle Systems HVS HGV Lorry Truck Concept

HVS Introduces Game-Changing Hydrogen HGV Platform

Unveiling the Modular Platform

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS), the innovator in zero-emission hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles, took the wraps off its fresh modular platform for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) in Glasgow. This modular masterpiece is all about flexibility, enabling operators to pick and mix features for their ideal HGV, all from a consistent base vehicle.

HVS is letting its customers take the wheel, figuratively, allowing them to choose between two types of e-axle – one of medium power and another of high power. Depending on the journey they’re planning, customers can also opt for up to three hydrogen tanks.

And the customization doesn’t end there! Depending on the payload and mission specifics, they can pick one of two power outputs for the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. Worried about size? There’s no need. Regardless of how the HGV is decked out, it’ll always have the same footprint due to its fixed wheelbase.

A Roomy Ride Every Time

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems HVS HGV Lorry Truck Concept

What makes HVS stand out even further is its dedication to driver comfort. Every vehicle they design is constructed from the ground up with an emphasis on the hydrogen powertrain. The design blueprint for these vehicles includes a front-suspended cab, with the rear securing the thermal and powertrain systems.

Ditching the industry’s tradition of offering varied cab types and sizes, HVS guarantees that even the most compact of their vehicles will offer the same spaciousness as their largest models.

Pete Clarke, the brains behind HVS’s design, shared insights on this innovative approach. According to Clarke, their vehicles aren’t just recycled diesel-powertrain designs. Every tiny detail is crafted from scratch to ensure peak flexibility and efficiency. Instead of providing a generic configurator, HVS crafts the perfect vehicle package for customers based on their specific requirements.

Designed for Your Pocket

One of the cornerstones of this modular platform is the economic benefit it brings to operators. The ability to specify the HGV according to operational requirements ensures a smooth transition to a zero-emission fleet without burning a hole in one’s pocket.

Should the need arise, trucks can be conveniently upgraded with new modules, such as more hydrogen tanks. This adaptability not only minimises the total cost of ownership but also makes a strong case for an early switch to eco-friendly vehicles.

A Vision of Sustainable Evolution

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems HVS HGV Lorry Truck Concept

Vehicles built on the HVS modular platform have a bright future. With the capability to replace core electrochemical modules, including batteries and fuel cells, with newer versions, these vehicles are built to last. Such updates, combined with potential refurbishments of other components, ensure the vehicles remain state-of-the-art.

By focusing on refurbishments and replacements, HVS vehicles stand miles ahead of conventional diesel trucks and even some battery-electric contemporaries in terms of adaptability.

Ready for the Future, Today

With its sights set on creating efficient hydrogen drivetrains for future vehicles, HVS is all about power and range. Thanks to the modular platform, their 4×2 tractor unit boasts an impressive zero-emission range of up to 370 miles.

This means operators can begin their shift towards a zero-emission fleet right now, availing low-risk, budget-friendly opportunities to do so. As the world of hydrogen HGVs matures, early birds will surely reap the rewards of their forward-thinking choices.

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