Ford Mustang GT PH 19

What’s It Like Living With The Ford Mustang GT

We got the chance to test out the Ford Mustang 5.0-litre V8 for one week. I got to learn all about what the car is like to live with. Here are some of the highlights.

Finally Right Hand Drive

It is the obvious one to mention, but this car is now right hand drive. Living in England, this is the first time we can drive a Mustang and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Driving left hand drive cars in the UK, there are actually loads of annoying problems that you never think about. Imagine turning up at a parking barrier and you need to grab a ticket.

You need to either unbuckle and lean all the way over you car, or get out and walk around. Say you try and get some drive-through food. Yes, the same problem. You do this kind of stuff more often than you think. But now we are happy as for the first time the car is available in right hand drive.

Value For Money

I can’t think of a single car that comes close to this one when it comes to value for money versus performance. You get 415bhp for less than £40,000. This car is an absolute steal. The configuration is perfect with a 5.0-litre v8 engine that powers the rear wheels. This car is a fun machine and a real working man’s car.


When it comes to putting the power down the Mustang is king of the hill. It has 415bhp, 530 Nm of torque and will hit 60mph in 4.8 seconds. What a weapon this thing is on the roads. The best thing about the power delivery though is that it is all to the rear wheels and the car really feels alive whilst you are putting the power down. Even in the dry the Mustang on full throttle does have a tendency to spin up the rear wheels and want to go side-wards a lot of the time. Which is fantastic for making this car feel like an exciting monster to drive.

Interior Details

One thing I really enjoyed about the interior of the latest Ford Mustang is the interior details on it. Of course it looks like nothing else from the Ford range inside or out. There has been particular efforts put into the styling inside the Mustang and believe it does have that American look and feel to it which is a great novelty in the UK of course.

The Ford Mustang Is An Icon

I have experience of testing lots of cars are different price ranges and in different sectors. I often find it interesting to gauge public opinion of a test car. And the one thing that was particularly noticeable about the Ford Mustang we had here on test is that the people were just happy to see it on the road. Within seven days there were multiple occasions where we were driving past people and they would stop and gaze at the car.

People would even put their thumbs up or smile and wave at the car. This doesn’t happen often driving anything else as people don’t want to give you the attention. But there is something quirky about the Mustang the people are excited to see. The heritage the brand holds a strong place in the heart of car fans and is a true icon.

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