LOKITHOR AW401 Jump Starter, Pressure Washer, & Tyre Inflator

With so many different tools tucked away inside my garage, I’ve been looking for ways to try and reduce all that clutter and excess space, and I think I might’ve found the answer, in LOKITHOR’s new AW401.

The AW401 is a jump-starter, a pressure washer, and a tyre inflator – all in one! It’s a neat idea that’s just as great to stuff inside a tiny garage, with a relatively small device that can easily replace 3 tools at once.

In practice, the AW401 is just as fantastic, allowing you to save space for storage, not to mention the time savings and fewer complications when you need to use them, all being powered by its own battery.


This 20,000mAh battery further enables the AW401 to be used as a large battery bank for your electronics. So, if you need to charge up your phone or wearable in a pinch, the AW401 will serve you just fine.

It also comes with USB-C – a common omission in many competing products. Plus, on the side of the AW401 sits a huge 500-lumen LED flashlight, which I’ve found to be a really good alternative to a work light.


An Intuitive & Easy-To-Use Jump-Starter

The jump-starter on the LOKITHOR AW401 is pretty intuitive and easy to use. All that is expected is for you to connect the clamps to your battery, and the AW401 will automatically detect and show the voltage.

Then, with a press of a button, the AW401 would boost your battery. On top of that, it’s nice to see that it’s packed with an abundance of safety systems, such as spark-proofing and reverse polarity design, too.


With a massive 2,500A jump-starting current, the LOKITHOR AW401 is handily suitable for a large range of vehicles – up to 8.5L petrol engines and 6.5L diesel engines. With a full charge, it’s good for 60+ jumps.

That alone makes the AW401 a brilliant portable jump starter to carry in your boot, or just to keep it in your garage for when you need it. However, the AW401’s party trick is that it won’t just do jump-starts.


Using the built-in 100-watt high-pressure pump, you can use the LOKITHOR AW401 as a pressure washer. In the box, LOKITHOR even supplies a couple of hose pipes (with fittings!) and there’s even a built-in filter.

Wash Your Car & Inflate Your Tyres, Too

The AW401’s pressure washing functionality is designed so that you can quickly drop it into any source of water, like a bucket or tub. This is rather handy when you don’t have a mains water supply available.


For instance, if you’re camping or you’re at a farm. That convenience is further paired with a pretty decent amount of water pressure, given its size. 200PSI is more than enough for washing your car, and more.

In my case, I’ve found it equally as useful for watering my plants, cleaning the driveway, washing the pets, or using it as an outdoor shower. There are alternative uses for it too, such as using it as a water pump.


But, it doesn’t stop there, as the LOKITHOR AW401 is a tyre inflator, as well. Given that it’s got an onboard battery, it will save you from needing you to mess around with a bunch of cables to get it up and running.

With a maximum pressure of 150PSI and supplying 35L/min of air, it could easily inflate most tyres in under 5 minutes. So, if you’re ever running low on storage space, the LOKITHOR AW401 has got you covered!


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