LSH Auto supports Pride House Birmingham

LSH Auto Supports Pride – Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Building inclusivity in the sporting world has been a long, hard struggle for many, including those in the LGBTIQ+ community. Between athletes, spectators, fans, as well as all the staffers and volunteers that keep the show running, it’s good to hear that things are gradually changing. One initiative that has been hard at work at evolving this mindset and making sports more inclusive is Pride Sports.

Since 2006, they’ve been throughout the UK to ensure that sporting and other physical activities were more open to members of the LGBTIQ+ community. Soon, they’ll be busy once again as the long-awaited Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are drawing near. Set above The Loft Bar & Kitchen, on Bromsgrove Street, in Birmingham’s Gay Village, Pride Sports will be hosting the Pride House.

Made to be a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for LGBTIQ+ members, the Pride House is going to host several events under the theme, ‘Celebrate, Educate, Participate’. It includes a live screening of the sporting action at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. It’s one programme that LSH Auto, representing the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership network in the world, are keen to support.

Celebrate, Educate, Participate

Speaking about their sponsorship of the Pride House, Ian Williams, the Head of Human Resources for LSH Auto, said:

We are delighted to be supporting Pride House throughout the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. There’s going to be a real party atmosphere with fun fitness and wellbeing sessions, gaming, quilt-making and we’re going to be supplying a photo booth linked to the Pride House social media channels.

He then continued, mentioning just some of the activities at the soon-to-be Pride House:

Fans will be able to watch the Games on big screens while enjoying refreshments in the family friendly, alcohol-free bar area and café. Two of our core values at LSH Auto are integrity and social responsibility. We respect our colleagues, customers and community and care about diversity, wellbeing, and mental health, so our support for Pride House is a perfect match.

Adding to this, Martyn Webb, the Managing Director of LSH Auto, said:

We’re really pleased to be supporting Pride House Birmingham in their mission to deliver diverse, dynamic and inclusive programming for LGBTIQ+ people and allies. We look forward to joining our local community for the celebrations and enjoying world-class sporting action right here in Birmingham.

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