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New Kia Ceed – Kia unveil the new third gen Ceed

Kia announces the new Ceed ahead of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Kia has revealed the next iteration of the Ceed ahead of its world debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor show. The third generation of the popular hatchback is boasting a whole host of new technology to increase comfort, convenience and safety. Kia is keen to push that the new Ceed is a car for Europe, ditching the apostrophe in favour of the acronym Community of Europe with European Design.

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The South Korean Company are eager to forward the European basis for the new Ceed

Indeed the new Ceed does boast a very European flavour, designed in Frankfurt, Germany and built in Slovakia at Kia’s Zilina production facility the new Ceed is being built alongside the likes of the new Kia Sportage and Kia Venga. The Kia Ceed has been a key part of the company’s growth in Europe over the last decade with Kia Motors COO Michael Cole saying: “the introduction of the Ceed in 2006 represented a watershed moment for Kia.” Kia has been a large part of the growth from Korean manufacturers in Europe alongside Hyundai with the Ceed being a focal point since its introduction.

The new Kia Ceed is more powerful than the rivals from Ford and Volkswagen

Cole went on to say that the new Ceed “offers a truly contemporary and recognisable design, and advanced technologies to enhance comfort, convenience and safety”. The new Ceed’s engine line up features an updated version of the popular 1.0 litre turbocharged engine producing 118BHP but also sees the introduction of a 138BHP 1.4 turbocharged engine replacing the 1.6 litre from the previous generation. Both these options are more powerful than offerings from the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus in similar specs. A non-turbo version of the 1.4 is also available.

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A suspension setup specifically designed for European roads

Under the bonnet isn’t the only place the Kia Ceed has been upgraded, the suspension has also been improved to make the new Ceed ‘more enjoyable and engaging to drive’ the new Ceed features a new fully independent suspension system to give drivers more agile and immediate handling responses, this joins revised spring and damper rates and a faster steering rack to make a car specifically designed for European roads. Some tuning for the new Ceed happened on UK roads to ensure the Ceed works well in any conditions on any road. Kia say the new suspension specs are designed to, “give the driver the confidence of tighter body control under cornering and stability at higher speeds”.

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Styling to match the Kia Ceeds new upmarket premium competition

The new Kia Ceed sports a much more aggressive look after its predecessor with definite assertive straight lines that replace the more rounded features of the previous Cee’d. Kia have joined many other manufacturers with the use of day time running lights both front and rear to improve visibility on the roads and draw the eye to certain features of the car. Overall the new Ceed has a much more mature look to it, whilst still subtle the new Ceed looks much more of a serious competitor to the likes of the Golf and Focus, the new looks also make the Kia Ceed seem a more quality product rather than the rather faceless previous generation.

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Level 2 Autonomous tech to come on the new Kia Ceed

Kia are certain that when the new Ceed launches in the summer it will be the most high tech car in its class. The new Kia Ceed comes with either a 5 or 7 inch touch screen audio system or an 8 inch navigation system with buyers having the option of having a JBL premium sound system fitted with Clari Fi music restoration technology. The new Ceed comes as standard with full Bluetooth connectivity as well as automatic lights and keyless entry. These are all fairly standard stuff on cars these days, but the Kia also features Lane Following assist, a level 2 autonomous mode, the system tracks the vehicles in front and maintains a safe distance, whilst also assessing the other lanes to identify spaces to move to during congestion. Additional tech also available on the new Kia Ceed include: Smart Cruise Control, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning, Smart Parking Assist and pedestrian recognition for the forward collision avoidance assist system.

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Kia are keen to set the bar for other manufacturers with the new Ceed. The Kia’s new tech is making the Ceed the one to watch in 2018. Whilst prices haven’t yet been announced the Kia is certain to be a front runner in the hatchback race, Ford and VW better watch out.

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