Orangewheels Easy Way To Save Money When Buying A New Car

Of course, here at Motor Verso we are mad about new cars. We love driving them, testing them, studying them and even just admiring them, but the one thing that we don’t get to do on a regular basis is actually buy new cars. We look at the advantages of using Orangewheels, the car sales introduction service.

Heres the Problem With Buying Cars…

From my personal experience, I know that it always feels like a huge decision. You are never really sure what the best thing to do is and also you might never be certain that you are getting the right deal. This can create a lot of anxiety in the buying process.

Peugeot 308 GTi PH-1 Orangewheels, new car sales introduction service

The Solution – Orangewheels – Car Sales Introduction Service

The good news is now we have a solution for this. Orangewheels provide a service for finding you the best deal on a new car directly from the manufacturer. Orangewheels are literally saving people thousands of pounds per car and the good news about it is that there is no risk and there is no finders fee to use their service.

Orangewheels Volvo XC90 D5 AWD Momentum 2015 73

Orangewheels – How Does It Work?

The process is broken down into 3 simple steps:

First of all do your own research, do the fun stuff. Take a stroll down to the dealer and test drive some cars, smell the leather, touch all the gizmos and figure out exactly what make, model, colour and spec you want. Then ask your local dealer for their best price and walk out.

Contact Orangewheels and tell them the exact car you are looking for; make, model, colour and spec. They will do the legwork and speak to the main dealers in the UK to find your perfect car for you but at the best possible price in the UK.

Put the deposit down on your dream car. Orangewheels hand you over to the main dealer, to pay directly or via a finance deal. After that, your car will be then built and made available for collection. If you choose you can even have it delivered to your house.

Orangewheels Jaguar XE SE 41

What Are The Benefits of Orangewheels?

Using the Orangewheels service could save you money on what is considered a big purchase for most people. But there are also many other benefits. The car buying process is a hugely emotional decision and sometimes you can get blinded by certain areas of the process, whereas using Orangewheels puts an expert in your corner, taking away the risk of you making poor decisions related to packages and deals. Personally, the thing I like about it is, it removes the uncertainty of not knowing if you got the best deal on your car.

Orangewheels Volvo V60 D6 Hybrid (126)

Orangewheels But There’s a Catch…

Orangewheels don’t make any money from you when buying the car, in fact you don’t pay them any money at all. Orangewheels make money from arranging the purchase of hundreds of cars a year from the dealerships, not from their customers.

The transaction is carried out with the main dealer directly, so you have the confidence you are in safe hands from start to finish and the ownership and lifecycle management of the car is exactly the same as if you paid more for the car by not using Orangewheels services.

Orangewheels Ross Jukes Photography -

How Do I Contact Orangewheels To Help Me Find My New Car?

You can save money on your next new car by calling 0800 612 7844 or emailing their sales team at If you want to keep your eye on their deals follow them on Twitter and snap up a new car at the right price.

Find Out More

Save Money on Car Insurance with a Dash Cam

Whether you are looking to buy a new car or just bought one from Orangewheels, we strongly recommend looking into getting a dash camera to protect you and your new car.

Also known as car cameras, dash cams can save you up to 15% on car insurance and provide a great deal of benefits and best of all, at a very low cost.

Dash cams are popular for several reasons, namely:

  • Save money on car insurance
  • Record car accidents
  • Capture parking accidents and car theft
  • Easy to use and install
  • Low cost

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